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Location: San Francisco, CA


you’re reading this post, we feel your pain. No one loves job
hunting. It’s monotonous, ego killing, and inefficient. Things
could be so much better, and we intend to prove it.
takes the considerable resources at your disposal–your Facebook
network and the collective experience of others–and channels them to
help you find the perfect job. Want to work with your friends? See
which of their companies are hiring and apply with a single click. Need an inside edge to land
your dream job? Just ask for a referral.
doesn’t have to be a pain. Help us prove it.
love this job if
  • You
    want every line of code you write to count. We’re a small
    team, and your contribution will be critical.
  • You
    love entreuprenuership. You’ll be writing code all day, but
    above all, you’ll be building a company.
  • You
    love fast code. If you dream about algorithmic optimizations
    and read Donald Knuth when you sit on the toilet, you belong here.
  • You
    know how to scale. Maybe you didn’t build Twitter from the
    ground up on your first try, but you know the problems involved in
    serving web pages quickly to millions of people, and you think you
    have the answers.
  • You
    want to visit Spain. Our Spanish founder has promised
    everyone on the engineering team a long retreat at his family’s home
    in Marbella, Spain.
you’ll be using
  • Ruby
    on Rails
  • Postgresql
  • Javascript
    and Jquery
  • All
    the other buzzwords of a modern web stack (ec2, memcached, etc)
a favorite tech you don’t see on this list? Great! The bigger the
toolkit the better.

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