Imaging Resource: Senior User Authentication Developer

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Location: Anywhere


Imaging Resource was founded 14 years ago to provide information and advice on digital cameras. Our team is small, passionate and driven to grow the site. You would have significant latitude to propose and implement solutions.
Background on our problem:
Currently we have no fewer than 4 logins for users of our site. It is crucial to the future of our site that we unify all these different login systems.
  • Extensive experience designing, developing and integrating user identity systems. 
  • Impeccable security credentials.
  • Knowledge of the various authentication options out there: Disqus, OpenID, IPBoard, rolling one’s own, etc.
The site is currently all PHP + MySQL, so our preferred candidate would have PHP + MySQL experience and a preferred PHP framework (we don’t have one yet, but need to move in that direction). 
Our headquarters is in Atlanta, GA, but the majority of our company is remote so the job can be done from anywhere within a few timezones of GMT – 4:00. 
Job terms:
While this is a project-based contracting position, we will have need for systems and features beyond those described above, so the successful completion of this project would naturally lead to future projects.
We are NOT interested in going with any of the dozens of $20/hour ‘developers’ out there, we want a talented member of our team to work on this project with us.

To apply: Please send your resume and a couple examples of challenging projects you’ve worked on to Cover letter isn’t important, but do show me you’ve thought about our specific problem and maybe mention relevant experience in your past.

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