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Location: San Francisco


Our Story
IndieGoGo is a rapidly growing organization, based in San Francisco.  Our platform is used by people all over the world to raise money for creative projects, businesses and causes.  Millions of dollars have been contributed to over 25 thousand funding campaigns in over 200 countries.
Our customers are passionate about their funding campaigns, and so are we.
Ideal Person
We are looking to expand from two engineers (the CTO and Lead Developer) to a five person team that will serve as a foundation for continued product and company growth. The Senior Developer will be a development heavy position, and will have the dual role of developing great new functionality while at the same time diligently chipping away at the imperfections of the existing codebase.
We have two products implemented in Ruby on Rails ( and, which run on Nginx/Passenger with a MySQL back end. The front end is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Development projects are tracked using Pivotal Tracker and Git. Test coverage needs attention and is primarily based in Cucumber.
Objectives & Responsibilities:
  • Become an expert of the codebase, and design, build and test new features
  • Diligently chip away at the imperfections of the existing codebase and improve test coverage
  • Be a mentor to our future engineers, ensuring that they are continuously learning and growing
  • Investigate new technologies and make recommendations on changes to the existing infrastructure
  • For the first 6 to 12 months, this position will be very development heavy
  • Subsequently, there is the opportunity for more leadership as we continue to grow the team and the need for a senior Lead Architect position emerges
Required skills and experience:
  • Around 5 years experience building web applications, preferably with experience with Ruby on Rails
  • Hands on involvement with automated testing methodologies in a Ruby on Rails (or similar) environment
  • Experience in a small startup or similar multidisciplinary team environment
  • Experience working in a senior position within a development team
We are looking for engineers that:
  • Have attention to detail and take pride in the products they develop
  • Are confident of their abilities but also willing to compromise and adapt 
  • Can quickly cut through the static and focus on the core of a given problem 
  • Are involved in their community — professional and otherwise
Compensation & Benefits
  • Competitive start-up salary plus equity
  • Health insurance, technology reimbursement and other cool perks
  • Opportunity to work on a fun set of products that help people make their dreams come true!
Interested?  Feel like a fit?
I want to hear from you.  Please send us your resume with a note about:
  • What excites you about IndieGoGo and this role?
  • What campaign you’d launch (or want to support) if you were to come on board? (we love it when our team members get involved with campaigns too)

To apply: Email your resume/website and a few words about what interests you in this position to:

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