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Location: Minneapolis, MN


About Us:
Inveni needs your help to change the way the world decides what to
watch on TV.
As you sit there reading this, technology is evolving.  The web, smart phones and tablets have had
great success.  Now is the time to add a
new mega channel to the mix, the Interactive TV.  With Google TV’s announcement that the
majority of new TV’s sold will have their operating system built in and the
rumors that Apple TV 2.0 will be released in the summer of 2012, the TV as we
know it is about to change forever.  We
want you to help us disrupt the $500 billion TV industry.
With change comes opportunity: The Interactive TV unlocks the
ability for companies like Inveni to solve problems that have plagued the TV
watching experience for years. We now have more things to watch than ever, but
good luck finding them with a guide that has barely changed since the dawn of
broadcast television. It currently takes users an average of 8-10 minutes to
decide what to watch. That is unacceptable!
Inveni has been working in stealth mode for 2 years building a
platform to take advantage of this ENORMOUS opportunity to become one of the
next tech giants.  We are now able to
pull together live TV and all the big
streaming sources, sort those options according to your preferences, browse
them on your TV or your mobile device, and play your choice with one click. R.I.P.
TV guide. 
The world is ready for the next generation TV experience and we
are perfectly positioned to deliver it. Inveni will combine personalization and
social features with award winning User Experience to build products that solve
everyday problems in a fast, fun and effective way.
If you have ever wanted to be on the ground floor of one of the
hottest technology startups, now is your opportunity.                  
We are looking for a user experience expert to help our team design
award winning apps of the future. We will be releasing, iterating, and updating
our apps extremely fast in our agile, data-driven development environment. To
thrive in this position you need to have a passion for designing both visually
stunning and functional user experiences.
Developing interactive user experiences for
the next generation of movie and TV guides.
Gather quantitative and qualitative research
to determine the consumer’s problems with the movie and TV consumption process.
Fill holes in research by conducting consumer
surveys, interviews and focus groups.
Distil the research findings into a
prioritized list of problems.
Create solutions to problems taking into
account, user desirability, business viability and technical feasibility.
Translate concepts and ideas into wireframes,
workflow diagrams and design requirements.
Effectively communicating user experience and
design direction to teams using prototypes, visual communications, and
narrative vision.
Lead in-house or outsourced design teams on
all levels of design from high level UX to display layer design.
Lead continual user research, testing, and
focus groups to ensure user’s problems are being solved and they have a strong
desire for product.
Bring design thinking to projects and act as a
voice of UX innovation in the product development process.
Being passionate about movie and TV guide products
and technology. The right person for this job lives and breathes TV and mobile
experiences and has an amazing grasp on market trends and a vision for what
this space could be 2-5 years from now.
Firm understanding of how to leverage
technology to create great product solutions for a wide range of technologies
include:  tablets (iPad, Android Tablet),
smart phones (iPhone, Android phones), Interactive TV’s (Google TV, Apple’s
future iTV/Apple TV 2.0, etc), web (websites, browser plugins, desktop
software), social (Facebook apps, Facebook API, Twitter, etc) and many more.
Understand the startup environment and execute
lean UX principles that help the organization and their products quickly move
through iterative design to find product/market fit.
Help develop a culture of creativity and
co-creation as a core part of the unique value of Inveni.
5+ years of experience in product design
Portfolio of successful consumer-focused web
Ability to understand and analyze user needs
through research, focus groups, and surveys
Expert in designing simple and intuitive user
Ability to create examples through wire frames
and mock ups
Experience with phone, tablet, and TV apps
Experience with iOS and Android OS
Experience in a fast-paced, start-up
Experience with agile development methodology
Pragmatic Marketing Certified or similar
outside in / agile / iterative product management methodology training or
Competitive salary and equity
Full health & dental coverage
4 weeks paid vacation
Fun work environment:  Frisbee golf, movie outings, go carts, paint
ball, Twins games, etc.
Endless supply of caffeine or other beverages
Casual dress code
Flexible hours
Ridgedale Drive
Suite 243

To apply: Please submit your resume and portfolio to:
Aaron Weber, Founder
Cell: (952) 846-8145

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