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Location: Washington, DC


JESS3 loves talent. We’ve built a creative interactive agency around great designs and a brilliant team, but we aren’t done yet: we’re building out the team, and we’re looking for a talented front end developer.
You’ll work for some great clients (and we don’t just mean prestigious brands… we love our clients), and you’ll get to work on interesting projects that explore new ideas. Lots of our projects revolve around data visualization and social network integration, but they go much further.
We work in small teams to attack complex problems. You’ll have the support of designers, UX architects, developers and a great project management team.
Brief Job Description

You’ll spend most of your time working with designers and developers as you build websites and interactive applications (kiosks, digital signage, large installations) using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
The Types of Things You’ll Work On/With
We’re proponents of HTML5 and CSS3, and we don’t mean that in the enterprisey “Web 3.0” sort of way. We’ve built sites that actually use the canvas element. The occasional XHTML site slips into the mix, too.
We use JavaScript extensively, and we’ve standardized on jQuery. We’re willing to consider other libraries, but code organization is important — sloppy code makes us sad.
We use Django for much of our development, so you’ll get to be familiar with Django templates. Don’t worry if you haven’t used them; they’re easy to learn, easy to work with, and will integrate nicely with your normal workflow.
Our Stack
Even though you’ll be working on the front end, it’s important for you to know how we work. We don’t expect you to know all of these things, but they’ll help you work with us.
  • Python, Ruby and PHP backends
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • nginx + FastCGI
  • RabbitMQ
  • memcached
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB (on occasion)
  • Fabric
  • node.js
  • git

Education and Experience

We care more about skills, attitude, perspective and your work than we do about formal education and experience (though we value both).
There are no eduction requirements, but you probably have at least a bachelors degree in some field.
You probably have at least a few years of experience, but talent matters more to us.
Strong written and spoken English skills are required.

We are based in Washington, DC, but have locations around the world. Candidates local to Washington, DC or willing to relocate will be given preference. Candidates near major metropolitan areas will also be considered.
Principals only (recruiters are asked to refrain from responding).

To apply: Please send a cover letter, resume and portfolio to

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