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Location: Baltimore, MD


Are you a PHP developer interested in joining a growing web team? Do you have a good understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and enjoy collaborating on large, challenging web projects? Do you get excited about learning new languages, writing your own libraries, committing to repositories, and deploying code? We’re looking to add a talented developer to our team here at Johns Hopkins University. If you think you’re a good fit, we’d love to hear from you.
Responsibilities include:
1. Develop and maintain websites and applications using modern web standards and technologies.
2. Collaborate with other designers and developers on projects around the university.
3. Convert visual designs and written descriptions into well-formed and well-organized scripts on the front-end and then choose the most appropriate technology, framework and template solution for the backend.
4. Maintain, extend, and develop on open-source PHP frameworks and the enterprise-supported content management system.
5. Develop and maintain custom plug-ins, modules, and applications for multiple frameworks and content management systems.
6. Develop unobtrusive and reusable JavaScript, both from scratch and using a library, like jQuery, to progressively enhance websites and applications.
7. Write code in a git-powered version-control environment, with a commitment to learning and contributing to a shared set of programming best practices to facilitate easy collaboration and code maintainability.
8. Recommend and defend programming decisions that best fit the needs of each project based on a strong understanding of the user experience, site usage analytics, information architecture, and other site research results.

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