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Since 1997, the not-for-profit organization has been helping aspiring & practicing web professionals and those that teach.

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* Advocates on behalf of the Web profession including Web standards that raises the bar for those that practice in the profession
* Supports discounts and thousands in scholarships each year

Despite major advances in the Web in the last decade, the Web is still considered the “wild west” by many. In short, still in its infancy its untamed and wild. is a leading organization in providing community education and certification resources to Web professionals in all phases of their career was formed to unite the Web professional community to strengthen its position as a recognized profession.

As a membership supported organization established as a not-for-profit in 1996, WOW is a community of thousands of Web professionals worldwide. The WOW association is committed to providing you with the best in community, quality and affordable educational resources and the best Web professional certification programs on the planet!

We have added many new features to our site and we hope you’ll enjoy them all.

Visit the WOW blog for hours of articles, interviews and relevant content; stop by the WOW Store if you’re in need of professional products/web services or want to buy products such as low cost domain names or web graphic software and hardware. Our resource page offers recommended links and a list of books and podcast on just about any web-related issue you can think of — ranging from the technical to web business management — as well as great tutorials to teach you some great new tricks. Get the latest software and web services in our product review section. Got a question that’s been bugging you? Ask Executive Director to investigate. Please keep in mind, like the Internet itself, our association depends on your interactivity!

Eligibility Requirements

Membership in the World Organization of Webmasters is open to anyone with an interest in enhancing their career development and who wishes to join, and sends in an application with the necessary data. On the form, please fill out all fields so we can serve you better. If you would like to send a check, please print out this page and mail it to us at:

P.O. Box 584
Washington, IL 61571

Membership pricing is annual. Membership classes are as follows:

Education Alliance

WOW gladly accepts government or academic purchase orders. Please mail and fax the invoice to the number and address listed on our contact page. Please provide member name and contact information.