Just Saving: UK Startup: Python And Front End Developers (2 people)

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Location: London, UK

URL: http://www.justsaving.co.uk

We enjoyed our last startup so much, we’ve decided to do it again (we built the last one in to a proper company and sold it, and then left when it got too corporate). Now we want to shake up financial services online.
Right now, we’d like a couple of excellent people to join us on this ride: a python programmer and a front-end developer.
We love working with brilliant technical and creative people and will go the extra mile to create the conditions for you to be able to be as effective as possible. It’ll be hard work but we think that’s kind of the point.
We’re looking for the following skills:
    Attention to detail, passion for the product, humility and openness
  Python Developer:
    Demonstrable technical accomplishment in any environment or language
    Ability to write good code quickly
    Passion for modern web stuff (APIs, orthoganality, know when to hack and when to craft)
  Front End Developer:
    Great skills
    Sharp eye for design (hey, if you’re a great designer too all the better)
You will be working alongside our three co-founders to devise and deliver the product which will make our company. There may be a few late nights (although we’re getting old so not as many as there used to be) and to do great work with a startup which is determined to make a difference in people’s lives.
(Oh yes – equity, salary, all that stuff too. And we don’t have fixed working hours or holidays because the right kind of people don’t take the piss)

To apply: Send a note about yourself to: greg.jackson@justsaving.co.uk .

We like emails which tell us a bit about you but we don’t like fluff – so do include links or details of work you’ve done before. And a CV.

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