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Location: Irvine, Orange County, California

URL: http://www.kareo.com

Profitable, healthcare IT startup looking for a web developer that knows how to get-stuff-done!
Hello candidate.  Let us first introduce ourselves.  We are Kareo (www.kareo.com), based in Irvine, California.  Our web-based software powers thousands of small medical practices in the U.S.   We’re leading our industry in the shift from traditional software to cloud computing (a.k.a. Software-as-a-Service) and helping doctors get paid by taking today’s complex healthcare system and making it easy.  This allows doctors to spend less time worrying about their business and more time caring for patients and saving lives.  Basically, Kareo is at the center of the storm, which is at the center of Obama’s policy agenda.  Healthcare.  A $2.4 trillion (yes, that’s with a “T”) industry, representing 17% of the U.S. GDP.  Technology is coming to transform and revolutionize this industry and Kareo is positioned to carry the torch for the 500,000 physicians who practice in small medical offices and represent the backbone of the American healthcare system.
That’s the high level.  The details go like this… Kareo, founded in 2005, has recently reached profitability and cash flow positive!  We’ve done this by creating a remarkable product that solves real customer problems, acquiring customers through cost-effective online marketing channels, and keeping a tight rein on expenses.  But now we’re generating cash flow, and that means it’s time to grow our business.  Building new revenue-generating features and supporting our growing customer base is going to take a few killer web developers.  You might call this position a Senior Web Developer, but that doesn’t do it justice.  We’re looking for The Web Developer Ninja!  Based on your experience, we’re budgeting for an annual salary of $60,000 – $90,000, and you’ll be entitled to benefits and stock options.  Here’s what the position looks like:
We’ll be relying on you to be our resident web expert.  You will be responsible for user interfaces that simultaneously create a euphoric customer experience and enable our business to scale efficiently to tens of thousands of customers.  You’ll be building and designing new features and revenue-supporting services like a knowledge base, online patient portal, marketing e-mails, and much more.  You’ll be skinning and integrating vanilla products to be consistent with the Kareo look and feel.  You’ll work across multiple departments using your mad ninja skills for customer facing web materials.  You’ll integrate best-of-breed technology to equip our support team to provide legendary customer support via multiple channels including phone, email, online chat, search engines, community knowledge bases, and social media feeds.
This is a senior web development position for Kareo… but make no mistake; you’ll be rolling up your sleeves. Yes, we are embarking on a substantial growth ramp in terms of revenues and people, but we are still a small startup. That means you’ll be laying out plenty of pages and writing plenty of code while you grow with us. Critical to your success will be a strong foundation in web development, and that means knowledge of modern web techniques, styling, and scripting. You’ll need to hit the ground running so we’re looking for an expert in CSS, HTML, AJAX, and JavaScript with strong technical experience with ASP.NET and C#. Experience with jQuery, SEO, WordPress, and graphic design is welcomed. But here come the essential ingredients. We want the smart, hard working, creative problem solver. Sure, you’re as analytical as they come and you know web design theory, but you’re entrepreneurial and you know when it’s time to stop pontificating and start getting-stuff-done. You believe the best software is created by small teams that are close to customers and deliver frequent releases in a fast-paced environment. You bring energy to your work and your passion for web development is infectious.
This killer web development job is here for the taking but here’s what it’s going to take from you:
  • Send us your resume or a link to your LinkedIn profile
  • Complete the questions and homework below (this shows us you’re serious).  
  • Send a link to your stackoverflow.com or doctype.com user profile if you have one.
It’s a lot to ask, so what will we do in return?  If you complete the application, we guarantee that our entire development team will review your application and our Software Engineering Manager will personally respond to you directly within 7 days or less.
Kick-ass web developers need-only apply.  What are you waiting for?  We look forward to hearing from you.  
Kareo Web Developer Ninja Homework (REQUIRED)
1. Visit http://www.hhs.gov.  Modify the existing stylesheets (style2009.css and/or home.css) to made the following style changes to the hhs.gov website:
a. Remove the background texture, but leave the background color.
b. In the ‘Secretary’s Key Initiative Sites’ section, change the layout so that the textual description of each initiative appears below its image.
c. In the navigation footer change the unvisited color of the links to #FF7F00, change the visited link color to #1268B1, and set the font size to 12px.
d. Again in the navigation footer, change the font size of the links to 20px when the user hovers their mouse over the link.
2. Visit http://www.hhs.gov.  Using plain old JavaScript or jQuery, write functions to change the appearance and functionality of the page in the following ways:
a. In the ‘Secretary’s Key Initiative Sites’ section, write a function that will change the background color of every other item to #333333.
b. In the ‘Watch, Listen, Subscribe’ section, write a function that swaps the position of the left and right columns.
c. Write a function that detects when the ‘Search’ button is clicked.
d. Extend the function written in the previous step (c) so that when the button is clicked, the text ‘HIPAA’ is inserted into the textbox.  After inserting the text, proceed with the button’s action.
3. Write pseudo-code (or actual code) for a function that takes in a string and returns the letter that appears the most in that string. 
Zip up and send us all relevant style sheets and code with instructions on how to test it.

To apply: For confidential consideration, please email your resume AND homework to jobs@kareo.com.

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