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Location: Indianapolis, IN


KA+A is actively seeking super-talented designers to join our growing team.

We’re looking for mid to senior-level visual designers who excel at crafting design solutions for both digital and analog channels. Applicants should possess strong brand identity, digital, and print skills. It goes without saying that we’re looking for someone who is talented, reliable, efficient, and possess strong writing and communication skills. Applicants get bonus points for displaying intangibles such as curiosity, tenacity, and self-awareness.
The perfect candidates will thrive by being a part of a highly collaborative and creative team but will also be fully capable of just “getting stuff done” and not being afraid to fly solo when necessary. These designers will relish opportunities to interact directly with clients, and can count on doing a lot of that.
Applicants should be technically savvy and style-conscious, as we place a premium on self-education and thought leadership.
If you were a designer at KA+A, this is what your last couple of weeks would have looked like.
  • Develop visual identities (logos) for a B2B company, a private school, and a fashion-centered non-profit
  • Write conceptual rationales and present the identity work to clients
  • Call 2 client contacts to walk them through project status updates
  • Follow up with 3 other clients that we’re waiting for feedback from
  • Explore new design directions for informational sales materials for a client, working through several variations rapidly
  • Quickly (like, 20 minutes) swap in new colors for an old client’s logo, including selecting Pantone colors and sending over screen and press-ready files
  • Quickly develop 10 PowerPoint slide graphics for a client presentation
  • Estimate the time and cost associated with creating a short PowerPoint presentation for another client
  • Restock the Cokes in the fridge
  • Develop brand standards documentation for a completed identity project
  • Design case study templates that look great and can easily be edited by a client
  • Develop wireframes for an eCommerce website
  • Design high-fidelity comps of a marketing and informational website for a mobile app
  • Attend a handful of prospective and current client meetings with Pete and Nathan
Designers at KA+A are compensated well and are given as much freedom to explore and grow as they are able and willing to take. There is room – if not expectation – for your role to evolve and grow consistently.

To apply: Interested?

Please fill out a brief form at and someone from KA+A will follow up with you.

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