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Location: Los Angeles, CA

URL: http://www.lemurheavy.com

We are looking for an additional Ruby hacker to join a small but growing team of like-minded, technology nerds. If it’s your dream to code disruptive, bleeding tech edge web apps that you’ll actually be able to brag about at bars (instead of database management software for some insurance company), you should contact us! If you’d prefer to work on a variety of interesting projects in a relaxed, LA atmosphere rather than a single app in a frantic, SF startup environment, you should email us! If you read Hacker News religiously and want to see your work on the front page, … you get the idea!
This position is located in Culver City, CA. This is a full time position with full medical benefits.
  • Write clean, maintainable code (shocker, we know!)
  • Jump into existing projects mid stream
  • Take the lead on a project and potentially interface directly with the client
  • Real world commercial Ruby / Rails experience with apps you’ve been paid to develop (or developed with blood, sweat, and tears) currently in production
You are a rockstar candidate if you:
  • Have contributed to any OSS projects we already use!
  • Can hold your own at ping-pong
  • git
  • rvm
  • os x dev environment
  • Node.js familiarity
Would be nice:
  • You pleasure program pet projects on the side
A little about us:
We are a small, primarily Ruby on Rails, development company based in Culver City, CA. We mostly work on the initial development and engineering for funded startup companies to help them get their business off the ground without needing to hire an entire engineering team off the bat. The work environment is relaxed and dog friendly – with a kitchen that we stock with snacks, coffee (we have a super-automatic espresso machine), and usually beer. Lunch is brought in daily from one of the many local restaurants. Health benefits are available from the start and we do not count vacation days as long as you are getting your tasks done (a la Netflix).
PLEASE DO NOT REPLY WITHOUT A LINK TO YOUR GITHUB ACCOUNT / PORTFOLIO. Your response will be ignored without one. Seriously!

To apply: jobs+developer@lemurheavy.com

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