Lux Delux Inc: Front-end engineer at shopping startup

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Location: San Francisco


If you love working with small teams and be one of the first few before the team grows, you’ll fit right in.  We’re all decent at html & css, but we’re looking for that one person that has strong feelings about when to use tables versus floating divs, and why inline-block is sometimes better than spans.  Hopefully you’ll have javascript knowledge as well since quite a bit of our code involves manipulating the dom with javascript.  
We only have 5 people right now, but we’re looking to grow our team right now.  Our site has not live yet, but we’re looking to launch in a few weeks.
Most of us are ex-Googlers or ex-Commerce veterans and we’re looking to find other smart minded individuals to work with us.
Our backend is a mix of Ruby/Rails, NodeJS, and a small bit of Java.  

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