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Location: New York, New York


Title: Sr. Software Engineer
Magnetic is changing Internet advertising with search retargeting, using what people search for to target what display ads they see — anywhere on the Internet.  It’s a proven model that has led to a successful product, but we have much more to do.
We need to scale our systems, extend our applications, and to respond to new opportunities.  It’s a competitive market, and we need to make sure we can move faster than the competition while still reliably delivering results to our customers.
To meet a range of challenges we’re looking for a great generalist, someone comfortable moving across different parts of the stack and from one challenge to the next.  Some particular experience that would be helpful includes online ad development and/or operations, low-latency systems, distributed data processing systems (commercial or homegrown ETL, Hadoop), and ops and production support.  If you’ve had startup do-it-all experience and loved it, we should talk.  And if you love Ruby and Rails, that’s great — our lead engineer teaches at a Ruby Meetup here in New York.
Compensation is competitive, benefits solid (excellent medical, vision, dental, 401K), and the perks are there too (stocked snack shelf and fridge, free-as-in-beer fridge, pool table, amazing New York views from our Times Square office).
This is your chance to have a huge impact at a successful startup building the technology to fuel its next phase of success.  You’ll work with current tools like Ruby, Rails, Hadoop and MongoDB, join a great team, and have a lot of fun.
Skills and Experience
Strongly Preferred:
  • Computer science bachelor’s or master’s degree
  • Startup experience
  • Hands-on developer or operations experience with online advertising systems, or, general experience with low-latency systems
  • Experience with any of the following: Ruby, Rails, Hadoop, MongoDB, node.js, MySQL, PHP
  • Experience developing in Hadoop (or other map reduce) and bonus for experience supporting and tuning a cluster.  Alternatively, experience with any distributed data processing such as ETL.
  • Experience writing any performance-sensitive code.  You should be able to reason about performance, test it, and load test it.
  • Experience with monitoring and alerting tools such as monit, Scout or New Relic.  You should be proud to own in production what you code in dev.
  • Experience with Agile methodology
  • Experience with continuous integration process and tools

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