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Location: San Francisco, CA


Mashery is looking for a wildly talented user experience (UX) and user interaction designer with experience working on web applications and web sites to help us continue to deliver highly usable and more visually engaging products.
We seek someone who cares deeply about creating compelling, usable and beautiful experiences with a portfolio to back it up.  As a key influencer, you will help us design and build new products and features and improve our existing ones; providing visual & usable masterpieces along the way.  Your experience and design interests should span producing products for consumers as well as business application users. Think Apple, Github, Yammer, Evernote, 37signals, and Stack Overflow.
You are a designer first but you should have decent working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.  We’re looking for someone who can design for digital user interfaces first, and build prototypes from those designs second.  You need to be able to listen to users, understand business and technical requirements, and iterate on product designs until brought to market. 
And finally, if you’re someone who has the patience, wit, and ability to teach others what you know, we think that’s a huge plus.
Requirements: The minimum set of skills/needs for this role
  • ?Minimum 3 years of UX and design skills creating web applications
  • Excellent eye for design (color, typography, layout, etc.). 
  • Beyond compelling UX and design skills producing web applications, and web sites (A portfolio would be awesome)
  • Strength in sketching, wireframes, and creating high fidelity prototypes 
  • Proficient with Photoshop, Fireworks, or similar image editing tools
  • Experience with Illustrator, or similar design creation tools
  • Experience designing and creating information visualizations 
  • Working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Experience working with product managers, engineering leads, and customer user teams bringing requirements to life (beautiful life)
  • Familiarity with API’s, mobile application development or integration oriented products
  • Mobile app interface or icon design experience (or appetite to learn)
You love design:
You are passionate about beautiful design. Able to call out a great web/mobile design when you see it, and be able to explain why it’s awesome (even if you didn’t create it).  You swear by minimalist designs and “Less is More” philosophy.
Desired Attributes:
Excellent verbal communication skills.  You collaborate well, work well on a team, but kick *** when working solo.  You bring an attitude of greatness and a sense of humor.  You enjoy what you do and will do whatever it takes to design the best but you also know when it’s time to ship product and iterate.  You stay on top of web design trends and techniques, because you genuinely enjoy doing so.
About our awesome team
Voted as one of the Best Places to Work in SF Bay Area in 2011, we are a wildly talented & passionate group. We have fun! From impromptu band performances to regular gatherings to celebrate our team accomplishments. We’re hard working yet ingrained in our culture is that we think it’s important to have fun along the way! For over five years Mashery has had a front row seat to the exploding Web API movement. With over 100 Brands, hundreds of APIs, 100,000+ developers, and over 30,000 active applications running on Mashery-powered APIs, Mashery is the leader in providing API management technology and services.  We have real customers, real revenue, and a very real product, all developed by a talented & passionate team.

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