Matrix Group International: Python Programmer/Engineer

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Location: Arlington, VA


What is more fun than a good, online guild battle?  Or a nice round of Rock Band?
Programming for Matrix Group!
is our flagship association management software product, and we need
smart programmers to help us make it even better. MatrixMaxx is a
web-based SaaS (Software as a Service) written from the ground up using
LAMP: the Python programming language in conjunction with MySQL and
  • Commit to understanding the goals of each project and how the final application will help the client
  • Be
    involved in the entire project life cycle, from the development of the
    specifications, design of the user interface, database design and
    construction, programming, and gathering of client feedback
  • Go beyond the specifications by making suggestions for making applications better and flagging sections that don’t make sense
  • Execute complex development tasks under tight deadlines
  • Contribute patches and improvements back to the open-source projects we use, such as Python and Mailman.
Experience with the following technologies:
  • Python (or another dynamic language such as Perl or Ruby).
  • Relational databases, especially MySQL.
  • Version control tools such as git or Subversion (we use git).
  • Unix command line tools for development and administration.
  • The Apache web server.
Some experience with any of the following:
  • Debugging and maintaining large systems (100+ KLOC).
  • Test-driven development.
  • Design Patterns.
  • Writing RESTful web services.
  • JavaScript toolkits such as jQuery, Dojo, etc. (we are increasingly using jQuery).
  • Python web frameworks such as Django, Pylons, Turbogears, etc.
  • Python/web server interfaces such as mod_python or WSGI.
Possession of the following characteristics:
  • A strong dedication to creating code that is clean and maintainable.
  • Ability
    to juggle multiple projects, tasks and deadlines. (You are not
    expecting to come in, sit down, put on your headphones, code for 8 hours
    and then go home. Your day will have interruptions; you will be asked
    to change tasks, and sometimes we do need to stay late.)
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills.
  • You
    enjoy reading through a large, complex code base to understand its
    intricacies, work out problem areas, and design improvements that will
    not break existing functionality.
  • Before
    you start to re-write legacy code to ‘make it better’ you read all of
    the existing code and talk to the existing team to make sure you
    understand why the code was created the way it was initially.
  • Before
    doing anything, you understand that the first step is to say “Have we
    done this somewhere else in the code? Can I use that existing code to
    save us time and keep the functionality consistent?”
  • You
    are comfortable working with and importing data. Testing for data
    nuances like additional spaces, foreign characters, and inconsistent
    formatting comes naturally to you.
Group International is a leading interactive agency in the Washington,
D.C. area serving associations and non-profits. Using state of the art
Web technologies, we help clients promote their organizations to
different audiences, raise awareness of their issues, manage complex
databases of people and knowledge, increase sales of products and
services, and streamline internal business processes. We take a holistic
approach to our clients’ needs and combine custom development with
corporate branding, design, user experience, integration, hosting and
managed services to achieve online success.
Please note: Sorry, we don’t offer relocation and are unable to sponsor H1-B candidates.

To apply: Apply at our website!

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