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We’re looking for a web app developer to join our small team of developers. 
We’re hiring because our SMS API is shipping faster than ever before. Florence, our healthcare app is gaining momentum. Textburst is finding an audience like never before, and we’ve got a completely new app on the cards.
But seriously, arhhhh!
We just can’t find the time to do all the stuff we really want to do. We need some help.
What we’re ideally looking for is a Web App Developer.
You need to have some (not necessarily loads of) relevant qualifications and experience.
You definitely need to know some languages and frameworks, not necessarily these, but things like:
  • PHP
  • c#,
  • .Net
  • Ruby
Knowledge of MySQL or similar database will also be looked upon favourably.
And fluency in HTML and and CSS will mean you can get involved with our website. 
We’re also big fans of wordpress and have a number of plugins available to our clients. If you know wordpress then you’re already in our good books.
But most important is your desire to get involved in something. We’re not just tapping lines of code out, we’re making products that people use every day of their working life. Your ideas and desire to make things better are what we want, they’re more valuable than your qualifications.
So if you live and breathe the web, spend your spare time dreaming of quirky web apps, playing with open source software or mashing API’s on programmable web, then we need to hear from you.

To apply: Get the ball rolling by sending us an email

Include your CV if you like, show us your twitter profile or Google+ or whatever you’re on or into.

Send us a link to any projects you’ve been involved in, and yeah, lets talk.

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