Meelo Logic Inc.: Kick-Ass Senior Application Developer

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Location: New York or Anywhere

Are you a kick-ass developer? Do you
have the ambition of cashing in on a start-up? If you are nodding, then we want
Meelo Logic is the next generation
big data start-up that will change how business measure brands, ROI and even
word relevancy in the future. Backed by seasoned digital executives, this is
one start-up to watch. Meelo Logic is currently seeing development talent to
assist in its first generation real-time data platform that will enable
marketers to see how their brand is doing and measure against what their
competitors are doing. It’s like watching a stock ticker on your brands all day
long! Addicting? Indeed. 
We have our pre-alpha built by our
very talented early-bird team. Now, we want and need to grow quickly so that we
can bring the product to market. Here’s a description of a talent we are
looking for. And heck, if you are talented and you think we should just hire
you anyway, send that along too!  Just note in the subject line what
function you would be great for in our Meelo family.

& Responsibilities:

  • Define
    process for data analytics, data mining, knowledge management, and business
    logic optimization
  • Build
    scalable systems that analyze large data sets, and work with incomplete or
    imperfect data
  • Dig
    through massive amounts of data to parse out useful insights
  • Immediately
    make significant contribution to our technology
  • Work
    with the team in both on-site and off-site environment, and report the progress
    to the team leader
and Experience:
  • Min
    3-4 years of solid Python programming experience is REQUIRED.
  • Min
    2-3 years of Django experience is necessary.
  • Min
    2-3 years of MongoDB experience with no-SQL databases is required.
  • Knowledge
    of pymongo, multiprocessing/threading and WSGI
  • Knowledge
    of Linux (Shell scripting, Apache, Lighttpd, MySQL, MongoDB
    configuration/maintenance and Cron job scheduling)
  • Some
    HTML/CSS/Javascript experience would be helpful, but not absolutely necessary.
  • Experience
    with using web APIs, including but not limited to: Twitter, Facebook, and any
    other social media APIs.
  • Some
    experience with Amazon Web Services would be beneficial as this is where all
    our server resources are located.
  • Experience
    with version control (SVN or CVS or Git) is a must.
immediate consideration, please forward your cover letter and resume to email

To apply:

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