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Location: San Francisco and Berlin


We want to expand our Systems Operations team and are searching for two
people to work from either San Francisco, CA or Berlin, Germany.
We – About the Meltwater Group
was founded in Oslo, Norway in 2001 and is currently one of the fastest
growing technology companies in the world. We have grown organically
from a small start-up of 2 people to a multinational company on six
continents. In the last five years, we have opened more than 50 offices
around the world.
Our business divisions include:
  • Meltwater News is the first choice service people subscribe to if online news monitoring is critical for their business.
  • Meltwater Reach is one of the innovators within search engine
    marketing, offering an easy-to-use technology for pay per click
  • Meltwater Press is software designed for PR
    professionals, helping you to focus your press release through the most
    efficient channels.
  • Meltwater Buzz is a social media monitoring
    tool, allowing our customers to search insightful information from
    thousands of social media resources across the globe.
What – The Position
are 500+ servers in several data centers around the world that provide
24/7 service to over 20,000 customers. The applications are usually
written in Java, using Spring and Hibernate to access data in (sharded)
MySQL. They run on tomcat or as standalone applications. We have
significantly sized hadoop/HBases cluster and use different technologies
(Katta, Solr, ElasticSearch) to distribute searches against lucene
indices. This should give you a good idea of what the day-to-day
challenges are.
In the last months, we’ve been busy:
  • Troubleshooting Apache Katta,
  • Hunting down tomcat webapp memory leaks,
  • Automating dev environment setup with chef,
  • Scripting releases with Capistrano,
  • Testing and Benchmarking Redis, Riak, Membase,
  • Working with dev teams to optimize MySQL queries,
  • Developing internal applications to help with reporting incidents and provisioning machines,
  • Replacing machines that reached end of lifecycle with the newest and greatest hardware,
  • And of course the daily Sysadmin tasks like user management, scheduling routine maintenance, disk cleaning, etc.
working days will consist of an extremely variable combination of
tasks; truly no day and the next are alike. Therefore, you need to
exhibit a high degree of professionalism and multi-tasking capabilities,
including working under pressure.  Don’t forget, lots of enthusiasm!
After some training time, typically six to eight weeks, you will take
part in the on-call rotation. Currently, this means covering one week
per month from Monday to Sunday.
Who – Your skills
  • You know Linux and tools like sed, awk, grep etc. in and out,
  • You are interested in both application development and systems engineering,
  • You have strong communication skills and stay calm and focused even if
    production goes down. You understand the needs of product managers,
    developers and the applications themselves and can moderate to find the
    best solution for all parties, and
  • You have good time management and can multitask, do small tasks while following through larger projects.
How – Getting it done!
  • Expertise in Java and MySQL. “Expertise” means being able to explain
    Generational GC and discuss InnoDB vs. MyISAM from the top of your head,
  • Strong knowledge of at least two of the following languages: PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python, bash,
  • Experience working with a (multi-node) production environment, and
  • An eye for new technologies and an attitude that always asks “How can we do this even better?”
Please submit:
a Cover letter, your CV/Resume, and something you wrote: code, a blog post about technology, or your to Interviews will be held in Berlin and San Francisco in February 2012.

To apply: Please submit:
– Cover letter,
– CV/Resume,
– something you wrote: code, a blog post about technology, or your
to Interviews will be held in Berlin and San Francisco in February 2012.

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