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Location: San Francisco, CA


Memolane is seeking a Senior Back-End Engineer to solve
complex development obstacles as they pertain to Ruby, databases (CouchDB and
others), scalability, Sinatra, OAuth, integration with third party APIs, and
the daily maintenance and updating of the back-end of a complex web

About you:
  • You are
    a whiz at writing code. Any time, any language! While Ruby is our main
    language, you can pick up whatever tool is needed to get the job done. 
  • You are
    familiar with WEB standards, HTTP protocol, and their related guidelines and
  • You
    find sprints, stand-ups, and agile thinking to be essential to staying sane as
    an engineer.
  • No one
    has to tell you about social media, you use it, and you get it.
  • You
    believe in seeing things from the user’s perspective and can let this guide you
    even when creating highly complex and abstract systems far from what the user
    normally sees.
  • Going
    rogue is not your M.O. You believe source control and bug/ticket/feature
    management are essential to development and communication.
  • You
    believe what is right is mostly determined by users and objective metrics.
  • You GIT
    most, if not all, content versioning systems.
  • Given
    an unlimited amount of time you’d write a test case for everything including
  • You are
    not a Front-End Engineer but whipping together a few lines of HTML and
    JavaScript to get your latest back-end feature tied into the front end does not
    scare you.

  • Daily
    interaction and collaboration with our Back-End Lead and developers as well as
    our Front-end Developers. 
  • Daily
    attendance and participation in stand-up meetings.
  • Provide
    performance-minded solutions.
  • Organize,
    develop, and manage server-side technologies for a web application.
  • Be
    up-to-date and knowledgeable about server-side technologies and methodologies.
  • Communicate
    and collaborate on a daily basis with all team members to produce a
    user-centered web application.

  • 5+
    Years experience or mind-blowing, amazing work
  • Experience
    working as a key member of a very dynamic and agile development team
  • BS, MS,
    or higher in Computer Science or equivalent work experience a plus
  • Expertise
    in the core competencies of Ruby with a proven track record of clean,
    fast, working Ruby and examples of your code 
  • Strong
    written, verbal, and presentation skills 
  • You
    demonstrate vision and planning in everything you do
  • You are
    self-motivated, clever, and able to think out of the box
  • Extensive
    experience creating and using  with
    social media
  • Your
    motivation grows when the challenges gets harder 
  • When
    people say “That is impossible”, you cannot wait to prove them wrong
What’s in it for you?
  • A Freaking Sweet
    Wait until you see what we are
    making here. This isn’t one of those: “We’re like a Digg for Magicians, or a
    Finance App for Glass Unicorn Collectors…” startups. This is genuinely cool
    stuff that brings value and fun into social media. 
  • No more writing code for stuff that has already been solved
    a hundred times over by other people. Our problems are new and challenging and
    many of our solutions are unique.

Location: San
Term: A Full time position starting immediately.
  • Leave your boring or unfulfilling job. Come join an
    innovative team on the front-lines of social media. Stop doing unreliable
    freelance (if you are). You’ll have a flexible, great client in the team at

Package: We offer competitive salaries, stock options, and great
Do great things and be rewarded for them! What a

Cool People: We don’t
suck. No dull people. We are a fun bunch, we work hard and play harder. We like
to think we’re interesting and exciting. We like new tech/gadgets, interesting
conversation, the latest development cleverness and good
food/films/books/music. We hired our UX Director while waterskiing.

Does this sound like you? Are you the next member of the
team at Memolane?

Please get in touch. We can’t wait
to meet you!

Email your resume/cv to      

Relive great memories. Use Memolane to capture, create,
search, comment and share your history. Headquartered in San Francisco,
California, Memolane, Inc. was founded in Spring 2010 by a team of young and
talented entrepreneurs. Memolane is the winner of StartupWeekend Copenhagen
2010, and is funded by August Capital and Atomico Ventures.

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