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Minute Labs S.A. is looking for generalist (Ruby) guys and girls to join us to build some cool stuff.
You and your team / partners in crime (we need at least two people, front and back) can work in unison and build apps that are pretty, functional and just plain work.
About Minute Labs S.A.
– We are a hybrid start up / incubator.
– Looking to make several simple apps / prototypes to measure market adoption and capitalize quickly
– We want to build real businesses (niche) get a revenue stream and move on to the next
About the Job
– We are still an early stage company and you will be one of our first hires
– You’ll be able to work independently and own large portions of the functionality
– You can work whenever you want (even the middle of the night) as long as you can get things done
– You can set up your own work environment however you want, including any hardware you want
– You’ll get generous equity in every app you help build (if interested) and a reasonable salary
– You’ll get to live 10 minutes from the beach, sharing a beautiful home with a maid, chef (all food and non-alcoholic beverages are included) and a bike to roam around in. If you “choose” to move here!
– We take care of all immigration requirements
– You’ll be like a founder and help us build various companies, including being involved in critical decisions like system architecture and future hiring
– We want to hire motivated, entrepreneurial people whose next gig will be the founder of their own start up
About you:
– You are a highly productive coder, self-motivated and able to learn new skills quickly
– You’re hungry, ambitious, independent, curious and driven
– You think having lived in Cancun, Mexico gives you street cred!
– We’re based in Cancun, Mexico. However you do not need to relocate if you do not want to. We would just prefer it that way!
The Process
– We need to see examples of your work
– Tell us something interesting about you!
– Make sure to tell us if you want to move here or work remotely
– We will pick applicants by February 1st with a view to start work shortly thereafter

To apply: Send a resume and examples of work to info@minutelabs.com

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