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We are building an amazing adult entertainment service (don’t get excited; it’s not porn) that will send ripples throughout the industry. We have the code ready and a serious marketing push standing by. We need you to tie it all together with your incredible, kick-ass layouts that will blow away anyone thinking of competing with us. We’re looking for a great design mind to collaborate with (you’re not a Photoshop monkey here) where you’ll be the lead designer and your ideas on how to improve our site and services will be critical to our success.
Here’s what we need you to do…
  • Let’s start with an incredible front end design. When the public visits our site they will leave their partners, disown their children, and refuse to leave the glow of their computer monitors for fear they might not realize nirvana by missing a second of your stunning visuals.
  • Next comes a back end that looks just as stunning and reduces complex actions to simple, instantly understandable icons and buttons. A semi-comatose ape with arthritis and a bad head cold should be able to use your designs (providing we can teach him to use a mouse).
  • After that come landing pages and banner ads that draw in crowds by the thousands. People who see your work will be compelled to click through, as if god himself were whispering commands in their ears.
  • Think you’re done? Not a chance. This is a permanent job you’re applying for, there is no “done”. You’ll be building interfaces, ads, and promotional materials as we quickly and continually add new features to the site. You will be our lead designer and will have a say in everything we put out. From banners, to new sites, to business cards, to the stationary we’ll never use and everything in between.
Sound like fun? That’s our first requirement: you must enjoy what you do for us. In addition you must posses:
  • Proven skills. We’re not looking for fresh-out-of-school designers here (those positions will come later). We need someone who has at least 5 years of experience taking difficult or impossible tasks and created incredible results. You must be able to show examples of this and explain the challenges you faced and how you succeeded. We’re looking for someone to take the job by the scruff of the neck and get it done. No excuses, no delays, just cold, hard results.
  • Photoshop skills out the wazoo. You will use Photoshop to mock up incredible interfaces with functionality that’s unique and brilliantly usable. The sites you design for us will be beautiful, obvious and intuitive.
  • Sick HTML/CSS knowledge. We want you to be able to take your most outrageous, impossible PSDs and turn them into working cross platform pages. Javascript is a big win, but if you don’t possess those particular skills, no worries, our programmers have got you covered. FWIW we’re supporting IE7+, Chrome, and FF (go Mozilla!).
  • Native English skills and availability during the day Mountain time (North America). We don’t care if you telecommute from Timbuktu, but we need the ability to bounce ideas and concepts back and forth on chat and Skype, and that requires that you converse fluently in English and be around during our business hours.
  • Available for full time work. We’ll admit it, we’re selfish. We’re not looking for contractors or agencies for this position, we don’t want someone who’ll blow by the initial requirements in search of a single quick payday. We want to hire a great designer that’s invested long-term in our success. You’ll work for us full time and no one else.
  • The ability to work fast and under pressure. If you thrive on a tight schedule you’ll love this job. We’re not unreasonable in our timelines, but we certainly don’t sit on our asses while our competitors sneak up on us. We like to stay at the front of the pack and you need to be able to keep up.
  • The ability to work on your own and deliver great results. We’re not here to babysit and we won’t be looking over your shoulder. Seriously, really, we won’t – we don’t care if you have to go to the dentist next Tuesday at 2pm. We do expect you to build great designs and interfaces for us in the timeframe we agree on.

Who we are:
  • We’re a small (for the moment) adult entertainment company in the pre-launch phase of a great new online service and we need your incredible design and UI skills to build the interface that powers the site.
  • We’re a tight well-funded team (just the way we like it) comprised of mad genius programmers, crazy ambitious marketing gurus, sweet-as-pie customer service gals, and no VC suits screwing with our biz plan.
  • We’re a super driven, occasionally intense, slightly neurotic, teensy bit eclectic, money hungry, smart as hell, hard working / hard playing, uniquely cool team (just your average startup) who keep our eye on the ball while having a ball doing it. This will be the most fun you’ve ever had at a job.

Benefits of working with us, aka: the stuff you really wanna know:
  • We’re a small startup. You want to be part of a great team, this is it. Do great work, help us launch, and you’ll be rewarded.
  • We take care of our own.  We’re flexible and understanding.  We value great work and effort.  Most importantly, we show our appreciation in your paycheck (and an occasional skype hug).
  • 60 days from launch you have the option to switch from full-time independent contractor (don’t read “freelancer”) to full-time company employee with a fat raise, full benefit package including health insurance, paid vacations, quarterly reviews/bonuses, retirement plan, all that good stuff (and another skype hug).
  • Starting pay is somewhere in the neighborhood of ($72,800/yr) with a big bump at the same 60 day post-launch mark. How big? Help us get there and we’ll double it.
To apply send an email to with “Senior Designer” in the subject. To make it easier for us to find you, please make sure you include:
  1. a direct link to your portfolio (that’s where I’m going first, so include your best stuff),
  2. qualifications, skills and all that,
  3. what you’ve been doing the last five years or so,
  4. available start date (did you say yesterday? yesterday is good.)
We look forward to having you join our incredible team. Good luck!

PS. The Finder’s Bounty!
Don’t have what it takes for this job, but know someone who does? Refer them to us and if they get the job we’ll send you $500 (no foolin). Think of it as a sincere thank you for helping us find the perfect person for the job. Get started now by posting this on Twitter or your Facebook page, or emailing it to a friend. Don’t forget to tell them to mention you when we make the hiring decision so we know where to send the loot!

To apply: Send a resume to with "Senior Designer" in the subject with your resume and a link to your portfolio in the email body.

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