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Location: New York, New York

Do you find the prospect of spending your career slurping data out of a database and slapping it onto a web page less than inspiring?
We’re a small, tight-knit, entrepreneurial team with a hardcore engineering focus. We feel fortunate to work on a project that is interesting and constantly challenges us to step up our game. We are looking to add several truly passionate developers, with skills and experience ranging from moderate to senior to expert, to our team.
* We’re casual and flexible…emphasizing individual empowerment and 
exploration, but also strong cooperation.
* Located in a comfortable, sunny loft in an easy-to-get-to corner of Soho.
* A startup atmosphere without the feeling of a VC overlording (or the 
inevitable need to find one). We are backed by a Fortune 500 company that offers great benefits and financial support, but otherwise allows us to blaze our own trail in creating our technology.
* We work hard, but don’t death march. We’ve all been there and done that, and know it doesn’t work in the long run. We encourage a balanced life.
* We all truly respect each other and feel privileged to work together.
* We just launched v1.0. Wow, it’s doing way better than we expected.
* We have a very clear idea of the market opportunity we’re pursuing.
* User contribution is a part of our approach, but it’s not about social 
networking. It’s going after a whole new angle on a real, large (and 
growing) problem.
* Some of the stuff we’re doing you will have seen before. Some of it will 
be totally new to you. No one else is doing what we’re doing.
* We focus on classification, semantics. We separate signal from noise. We want to help our users solve challenging problems, and for our solutions to get better and better over time.
* We’ve mapped out several phases to the project. The technology we’re doing now is cool, and the technology we’re doing later may be even cooler.
* We’re light on process and heavy on iterations and tests.
* We’re not big on the latest technology buzzwords…they come and go.
But we do use a lot of open source, Rails, linux, C/C++, and whatever 
technologies suit our needs. We are processing intensive and have developed a cloud-based architecture to manage the scale.
* We are constantly challenged by new problems, and relish the opportunity to be truly creative in solving them.
We are looking for someone who is truly dedicated to the never-ending process of honing their craft as a creative builder of software. You should consider yourself gifted, but have no desire to give that impression (except, perhaps, during an interview ;-). You should really care about great design, and just as much about great implementation. You should have a do-what-it-takes mentality and be interested in crossing into disparate and unfamiliar domains. You should understand how compilers work (and even how to build one). You should have worked on side projects just for fun (we’re impressed by open source contributions). You should appreciate the beauty of 
functional languages and power of dynamic ones. You should be able to build a web app, end-to-end, on your own. Unix/Linux expertise is required and a degree in CS/EE is preferred, but a PhD from the school of hard knocks could work too.
If this all sounds like a fit we’d love to hear from you. We encourage you include something in your cover letter that reflects your marked 

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