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Location: Anywhere, USA (virtual office)


MoveOn Technical
Campaign Manager
Flexible. Ability/willingness to work ET hours preferred.

Starting ASAP; no fixed end date.

Goal: Leverage
technology to help MoveOn’s 5 million members change American politics. Help us
make online tools to advance a progressive agenda.
Since 1998, MoveOn has been using technology to help Americans have a voice in
our political process. We’re looking for a Technical Campaign
Manager/”Geek” Organizer who can further that mission with intelligence,
speed, and common sense. You should be a self-starter and have excellent
writing and tech skills.
3 or more years of experience in web development and strong
project management skills are required; political or advocacy experience is not
required but is helpful. Priority will be given to candidates with a
demonstrated ability to use technology in creative ways to accomplish social or
political ends.
This is a fast-paced job. You’ll need to be able to turn on
a dime so when there’s a new idea on Monday, you can test it and put it in
front of 5 million people by Tuesday.
Responsibilities: The Technical Campaign Manager plays a
central role in the daily functioning of MoveOn, working with all of MoveOn’s
teams to fulfill each day’s urgent campaign needs, such as mailing design and
targeting, as well as reviewing and fulfilling longer term technical projects, like
new organizing tools, with the assistance of our tech team.  
the Technical Campaign Manager oversees the look and feel of’s
public-facing web presence and leads the design of new tools and pages.  
Finally, the Technical
Campaign Manager works with other technical and campaign staff to maintain
internal documentation systems for strategic and technical information, and oversees
technical training for MoveOn staff members.
Specific responsibilities include:
Direct Support of Campaign Staff
* Be conversant with MoveOn’s internal toolkit and strategic best
* Respond to emergency technical requests focused on MoveOn’s
internal toolkit
* Support campaigners with short-term technical and graphic design
Technical Project Planning
* Work with campaign staff to develop specifications for short and
medium term technical projects
Liaison to Technical Consultants
* Connect staff members with appropriate consultant resources to
complete technical projects
* Get feedback from technical staff to improve future projects
Organizing Documentation
* Maintain technical documentation with the help of other technical
* Maintain systems that allow collaborative documentation of
strategic practices
Staff Technical Training
* Provide introductory trainings for new staff, focused on MoveOn’s
internal toolkit
* Provide, either directly or by outsourcing, ongoing training resources
to assist in maintaining MoveOn’s ‘geek-organizer’ staffing model
Website Design and Maintenance
* Edit photos and other images for mailings and web pages.
* Provide design assistance to campaign staff as necessary to
achieve strategic goals
You must be:
Skilled and experienced in:
Editing content for the web
Web design, UI development, HTML, CSS and SQL
Photo editing and graphic design
Very smart, flexible, a keen problem solver, driven, and a deep believer in
online democracy.
Willing to do whatever needs to be done to make the campaign work, with a
Able to track a lot of moving parts and manage complex projects. (Maintain
attention to detail, while keeping the big picture in mind.)
Able to work very closely with other members of the team, but also to manage
your work independently.
Strong communication skills. Since MoveOn is a virtual organization, we depend
heavily on written and telephone communication to coordinate internally.
Creative in your use of technology to solve problems.
* Comfortable
with a virtual office. Able to communicate well in conference calls, instant
messaging, and email.
Not required, but bonuses:
Copy editing skills
Q/A testing experience
Training experience
Familiarity with Perl
Familiarity with javascript
* Political
or advocacy experience
Salary: Salary
commensurate with experience. Health & Dental insurance and a generous
benefit package will be provided, plus 4 weeks paid vacation.

To apply: Email a resume and a sample portfolio, plus three references with phone & email, to and include "Technical Campaign Manager" in the subject line. Political Action is an equal opportunity employer

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