National Cable and Telecommunications Association: Assistant Director, Software Development and Web Operations

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Location: Washington, DC


Who We Are 
We are the Information Technology group in a major industry trade association near the center of the modern media and entertainment landscape.
What You Will Be Doing
We are looking for an Assistant Director, Software Development and Web Operations, to join our IT team on a permanent basis. This person will be responsible for:
  • Design, develop, deploy, document, and maintain data-driven web and mobile applications.
  • Manage the infrastructure supporting these applications.
  • Support Association staff with technically difficult parts of posting content to the web.
Common tasks will include:
  • Maintaining and enhancing existing ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC applications.
  • Deploying updates to production.
  • Assisting staff in formatting an HTML email.
  • Crafting a query to pull specific data from our membership database.
  • Patching a web server.
  • Writing a tool to load 20GB of government data into a usable format.
  • Writing a tool to capture leads for an event.
Technologies We Use Today
We are currently using the following technologies and tools:
  • C# combined with numerous open source libraries. nUnit, StructureMap and Lucene.NET would be a few examples.
  • IIS
  • jQuery and jQuery UI
  • Microsoft Sql Server and RavenDb
  • Objective-C / iOS
  • SVN and Mercurial
  • TeamCity
  • Redmine
This is not an extant list. Moreover we focus on using the right technology for the job so you should expect this list to change as technology advances.
Who We Are Looking For
The Candidate will have a passion for creating great software: be able to shift gears between disparate projects with ease; absorb new technologies with effortlessness and vigor;  be comfortable working on a team and equally comfortable working alone;  own his/her code, his/her successes, and failures.
The Candidate will have demonstrable experience working with a modern, object oriented, statically typed language and tool set; be able to produce effective, professional looking applications. HTML and JavaScript will be second nature, and CSS a familiar concept. He/she will be able to write SQL cleanly and effectively and will have mastered the basics of relational databases; will have a working knowledge of IIS and Windows administration; and have some working knowledge of digital media and graphics production as well.
The ideal candidate will have measurable experience with ASP.NET MVC, C# and MSSQL; will have experimented with document databases, such as RavenDb or CouchDb; will have spent some time exploring the inner workings of Objective-C and iOS; will have used open source software and perhaps even contributed to an open source project.
Why You Will Want to Work Here
The Association is a great place to work. The VP of IT has been here for over 20 years. The Director of IT has been here for 10.
You can expect to have top-flight gear; access to mobile devices; a full complement of software, such as an MSDN subscription and whatever tools you need to bend Visual Studio to your will; company sponsored training and conference attendance; your own office with a door; direct access to project resources with few intermediaries or layers of red tape; work with first-class design agencies, consultants, and technology providers; and opportunities to shine in front of very important audiences.
In addition, the Association provides:
  • Competitive Salary
  •  Comprehensive  medical coverage
  • 401k plan
  • 2 weeks paid annual leave; 3 weeks paid sick leave;  10 paid federal holidays
  • Company sponsored training
  • Free coffee and soda

To apply: Send a resume to

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