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We are seeking a freelance, part-time, highly productive, jack-of-all trades “rock-star” developer, software architect, systems engineer and DBA to run all of our development for our portfolio of two companies.
This requires someone who is both highly strategic and excellent at understanding business rules and who is very comfortable rolling up their sleeves and writing code while working in a metrics-based, direct marketing-oriented environment.
Over time, you will also help to recruit, train and manage a small team of offshore developers that will help to execute on your development plans as the workload necessitates.
Working remotely, you’ll have full control of all of our IT functions, including our web and application development, hosting, databases and more.
We are looking for a true A-player who can aggressively hit the ground running and enjoys working in a fast-paced but fun environment with a very small team of elite A-player in which decisions are made quickly (yet thoroughly investigated) and actions are held accountable.
In particular, we are looking for someone who has hands-on experience developing marketing and e-commerce platforms, subscription billing/management experience and thoroughly knowledge of payment processing as well as experience developing customized business intelligence reports from scratch.
Your primary focus will be to continue building out our direct response software platform, integrating with 3rd parties and optimizing our technical infrastructure.
This job is suited only for people who have proven that they can execute code extremely fast and get projects done while maintaining a pro-active, lets-solve-this-problem mindset – otherwise, you won’t survive.
Here’s an example of what we might need and you should be able to do it all, swiftly, accurately, intelligently and completely:
  • If we need a PSD file from our designer turned into CSS, HTML, javascript, AJAX, DHTML or any other client-side technologies, libraries or frameworks, you’d do that all yourself;
  • If we then needed you to program the underlying application in PHP and related server-side technologies, libraries, or frameworks, you’d do that all yourself;
  • Then, if we needed you to setup a fully optimized underlying database using MySQL with the appropriate stored procedures, functions, triggers, views and optimized design, you’d do all of that yourself;
  • If we then needed an administrative tool to track all of the marketing and e-commerce activities that flowed through this front-end funnel, you’d create the whole system architecture, code that entire thing yourself, integrate with all of the necessary third parties.
  • Finally, you’d setup the entire hardware/software/hosting environment to enable and maintain it all.
If you can’t code blazingly fast, don’t think your peers would consider you a “rock star” and can’t do intense project management and hit your deliverables on time, then please be fair to us both and don’t apply…please take this request seriously.
  • Designing, developing, enhancing, maintaining and supporting new internal systems, programs and web applications, including e-commerce, marketing, tracking, reporting, subscriber management, content management and more.
  • Proactively devising methods for making our operations more productive, efficient, secure and cost effective from a technological perspective
  • Coding using a variety of client-side technologies including HTML, CSS,
    JavaScript, Ajax, DHTML, XSL, XML, SOAP and other web services, etc.
  • Developing applications using a variety of server-side technologies including PHP, ASP, and other similar technologies and their related frameworks and libraries.
  • Designing, developing, implementing and optimizing the proper databases, queries, etc. using MySQL, SQL Server and similar technologies. You should have hands on experience with heavy database work including stored procedures, triggers, views, summary tables and more.
  • Configuring, optimizing and maintaining our infrastructure including our web and database servers
  • 10+ years programming and development experience and ability to code blazingly fast
  • Experience as an end-to-end application/web architect responsible for every single part of the project including defining requirements, establish project plan, architecting the system, setting up the infrastructure, coding it yourself to completion and integrating with necessary third parties. This should also include documentation and testing.
  • Self-starter who can take initiative and run with the ball without having to be told what to do
  • Strong project manager who can scope out technical requirements based on business requirements, define deliverables, create a project plan and then execute and deliver upon that plan
  • Strong problem solver who can analyze situations and devise solutions quickly
  • Thorough ability to deliver clean, bug-free code both by programming effectively and efficiently and by utilizing a robust QA process
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with a superb time management and multi-tasking skills
  • Comfortable working in a remote environment

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