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Location: Berkeley, CA


We are looking for a UX designer and front-end developer to design and build the user experience for our probabilistic computing suite. 
Our tools and solutions are incredibly powerful and can generate new insights around data and uncertainty that were not available before; this is the first time someone has ever had to understand this kind of output. As Navia’s designer, you will have the opportunity to define how our users experience and visualize these new insights.
You should be as passionate about design as you are about execution. A strong portfolio and a college degree are a must, but so is knowledge and experience with jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, canvas, and the like. Ideally, you have had experience with both data visualization and some exposure to back-end issues like deployment and authentication.
While you will lead all of our design and user experience efforts in the long term, here is a sample of some of the issues we are working on:
  • Building a collaborative, interactive development and visualization environment for our probabilistic programming language (think web-based Mathematica’s “notebooks,” with inference continually in the background).
  • Showcasing the capabilities of probabilistic systems to prospective customers and users in creative ways.
  • Designing the user experience for Veritable, our first product, which lets people see an entirely new class of patterns in their data, which we need to present in an effective and aesthetically pleasant way.
About Navia:
We are venture-backed startup building probabilistic computers, a new class of hardware and software designed to make inferences under uncertainty. Unlike current computers, built for logical deduction and arithmetic precision, our solutions can guess the meaning behind inherently ambiguous data. 
To learn more about what we do and what we offer, visit us at You can also watch our video at

To apply: Shoot us a note with your resume, youtube video, or shoebox diorama at

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