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Location: Boston, MA


NetApp’s Storage Management Business Unit–the startup-like division
of NetApp that provides software to help IT administrators manage their
hardware storage/infrastructure–is seeking a highly-skilled application
UI designer with amazing skills and a portfolio to back it up. You
should have 10-15 years of experience designing user interfaces for the
web or for desktop applications, preferably in technical/science/finance
or other data-rich domains. NetApp is a high-tech company so technical
expertise is required and you should be able to converse and work
comfortably with engineers on a daily basis. We need a super-talented
designer to help us bring beautiful, useful, usable applications to
life. We want NetApp customers to have a great experience with their
storage appliances and the quality of that experience is mostly defined
by the software used to manage the hardware.
You will:
* Sketch ideas, design pixel-perfect mockups, and design/build prototypes with engineers
* Work closely with engineers and product managers (many of whom are also engineers) to focus business requirements
* Coach and enable software engineers to empathize with the users of our software
Help build a design process into our business, including customer
research (engaging in usability testing, design validation/reviews with
customers, etc)
* Work on applications such as “SANscreen” and
“Insight Balance” (formerly Akorri BalancePoint) and help us bridge the
UXs across these applications. We’re also looking to consolidate some
“overlapping” products and need your help bridging our suite from a UX
* Envision and design the “big picture” solutions while following through on the pixel-precise details as needed.
* we welcome designers who can articulate ideas in coded protoypes
This role is not:
* A web development/engineering position (but we welcome designers who can articulate ideas in coded prototypes)
* Suitable for print/graphic designers looking to transition to UX/UI
* Suitable for “usability,” HCI, HF, or user research professionals who do not design UIs themselves
* For “wireframers” only. Sketching rocks, but we need people who can design pixel-level detail too.
Job Requirements / Qualifications:
Self-starter – we need you to help tell US where projects need design
attention – you will help dictate the work you do, find problems to
solve, determine what work needs the most design attention, etc.
* Proven experience evangelizing UX design at a previous position; great communication skills, outgoing personality helpful!
* Storage/IT environment domain expertise is preferred, but it is not required.
While we don’t expect you to code for this position, prototyping in
Flex or HTML/JS/CSS is highly valuable here and you should be willing or
able to work with front-end code.
* Data visualization (designing
infographics, charts, etc) skill is highly desired–IT as storage is all
about tons of data and we need your help telling stories with the data
in elegant ways.
* Systems engineering knowledge and “big picture” design thinkers are encouraged to apply.
As this is a senior position, it is assumed you have a rich grasp of UI
design principles, current UI technologies and practices, and basic
engineering concepts.
* You must have a portfolio of work, preferably of applications that have shipped.
– A minimum of 10 years of experience is required.
– A Bachelor Degree, a Master Degree, or a PhD; or equivalent experience is required.
– Demonstrated ability to have completed multiple, complex projects.

Specific Skills:

Interaction design, visual design(sketching and pixels), UX
design, strategy/conceptual design, IA, customer research, design
leadership and vision.

To apply: Apply via email to:

Please send both resume and portfolio in PDF format, or if your portfolio is on the web, please send along the link.

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