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Location: New York, NY


Who we’re looking for
We’re looking for amazing engineers who want to make the world a better place, write elegantly readable and high-performance code, and get things done.  If you love tackling hard problems, want to work in an environment where you know exactly how critical your contribution is to the company, and you get a little high from finishing things better and faster than anyone else, we want you!  Here are some technologies that we work with on a daily basis (they’re not pre-requisites, just fun things we use right now, and the list will likely change as we grow): Android, iOS, MySQL, Hadoop, git, Java, Python and GWT.  If you’ve never worked with some of them, that’s totally cool–you can learn them here.  The most important thing is a love of creating great software and making a real, quantifiable impact.
At most companies, only a few people at the top have access to the key metrics, come up with the company’s strategy, and then tell other people to do all of the work.  At Noom, we see things differently:  the most important person in the company is the person who gets things done–this means you!  We believe that people who create should have access to all of the key metrics, and be able to provide input on company strategy.  At Noom, you’ll have the opportunity to grow in a lot of different directions and take on bigger and bigger challenges.
Who we are
We are a start-up on a mission to help people all over the world live healthier lives through the use of mobile technology and scalable machine learning. We make the most popular Android fitness apps with 10+ million served, and we are pushing the boundaries of fitness and wellness technology.
What we build
In short, a lot of amazing wellness technology things.  But here is a taste.
Imagine Sarah, a woman in her 30s trying to lose weight. Oh, and she has unlimited money.  She hires a team of nutritionists and personal trainers, each with years of experience in the industry and PhDs in nutrition, kinesiology and have encyclopedic knowledge of all of the cutting-edge research–they are the experts that the experts go to.  This team of people creates and adjusts a long term plan to maximize her chances of success and they give her daily tasks and advice to get her to a healthy and sustainable way of life.
Now, imagine we take the people out of the picture and replace them with an artificial intelligence that Sarah carries around with her.  This AI has access to the greatest database of nutrition, exercise, and behavioral psychology ever constructed, and intuition mined from the training habits of millions of people trying to lose weight–and it accompanies Sarah, constantly adjusting and personalizing Sarah’s plan based on even small variations in her daily habits.
This is Noom, the most advanced wellness system in existence: a system that is constantly learning and weighing the thousands of factors that go into weight loss in a way that no team of humans could possibly handle.  If you’re interested in taking on the toughest problems at the intersection of machine learning, wellness, and behavioral psychology, come join us!  We are building a team of top engineers to work on problems that nobody else is thinking about to make a real impact in the lives of millions of people.  We’ve already helped our users lose over a half a million pounds of weight, and with your help, we will make the world a better place!
More Reasons to Join Us
  1. We are a technology company first and foremost, and our team includes great engineers with experience from Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, former DARPA researchers, and machine learning experts.
  2. Our products make heavy use of mobile technologies, machine learning, and scalable web infrastructure.
  3. We believe everyone should have a say in the direction of the company, and we practice what we preach.  That means you’ll have the opportunity to see all of the inner workings of a start-up, have a say in how things are done, and learn how to run a start-up yourself.
  4. We are building the company we want to work for!  A great environment where everyone is constantly learning and pushing each other, and an amazing chef who provides delicious and healthy meals every day.
  5. We are multi-disciplinary!  Wellness technology is a complete universe of fitness advisors, designers, doctors, psychologists, and researchers — you will learn a lot in different fields.
  6. We’re a small rapidly-growing startup with 15 employees and lots of equity to go around.  We recently received funding from Kleiner Perkins (, one of the best and most respected venture funds in the world.
  7. We pay top of the range.  We don’t believe in startups that make you work for cheap–if you’re the best, you deserve to be treated like the best.
For great engineers, working at Noom is a chance to work with other great engineers in an engineering-driven company to have a huge impact on the world.

To apply: Send your resume and anything else that will get our attention (code sample, github link, etc.) to

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