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Location: New York City


We are brand new stealth-mode startup venture with significant backing from some major media players. We will redefine the way consumers interact with content, devices, and each other. Our core platform will be built in Ruby, JS/Sproutcore, and Scala. (More details await after you sign our NDA!)
We are seeking creative, motivated Ruby on Rails and JS/Sproutcore developers to:
  • Design and code highly interactive Web and Client-side UX.
  • Work with product and backend teams to use big data to excite and engage users.
  • Integrate cutting edge tools and frameworks, likely to include RoR 3.0, Ruby 1.9, Sproutcore, jQuery, Cucumber
  • Join a team that is Agile when it makes sense, but always sensible, clever, open-minded and hard-working. Contribute to our engineering culture and development process. Practice BDD.
  • Prototype new approaches fast — deploy early and often.
  • Improve our development culture: propose new approaches and tools, automate annoying tasks.
  • Troubleshoot and maintain critical production and testing environments. Diagnose and address issues whenever and wherever they occur.
  • Run hard and reap the rewards with our tight-knit team.
  • Help build our Ruby and client-side depth, mentor and train others, and learn a ton in the process.
  • Play Starcraft II. Or maybe Rockband.
  • We’re looking for Ruby and JS experience, but above all seek generalists who have lots of successes committing at every layer of the stack.
  • You must write well-structured, readable, well-documented code. (Be able to show us code samples of which you‚Äôre most proud.)
  • Ambitious, driven, and talented individual who wants to work on hard problems
  • Team player who feels at home in a flat-structured, highly collaborative and sometimes noisy environment.
  • Strong opinions about BDD, testing, deployment, version control and dependency management
  • Ability to balance beauty and pragmatism in your designs and code. (Prove it with sample projects.)
  • Deep Ruby and JS expertise (with a real passion for learning Sproutcore)
  • Relational databases (Postgres 8 or newer)
  • Linux: expert day-to-day facility
  • Git/Github
  • Enjoy pair programming from time to time.
  • Believe code review is a necessary part of the process!
  • Believe the only way to deliver quality fully engaging with all stake holders.
Highly Desirable:
  • Collaborative Filtering and Recommendation Engines
  • Search (scoring functions, clustering, distributed indexing, etc.) with SOLR/Lucene
  • NoSQL Datastores (Cassandra, Riak, MongoDB)
  • Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, EBS, etc.) and cloud infrastructure in general.
  • A minimum of 3 years applicable software engineering, with a trail of outstanding references from peers.
  • Referenceable projects you have coded from stem to stern, of any size.
  • Minimally a BA/BS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related field.
  • A driven, motivated, and talented small team that believes in working hard and reaping the rewards.
  • High-energy, transparent work environment.
  • Laid-back office environment: we are collocated with another company now and will move to a new space in the coming months. Help define your working digs!
  • Competitive compensation and excellent benefits.

To apply: Send the following to
– Cover email explaining why you want to join us.
– Resume in Word .doc(x), .pdf or plain txt and link to online profiles (Twitter, Github, StackOverflow, Quora, LinkedIn)
– Links to your code repositories and li

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