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Location: Fairfax, VA

URL: http://www.onyxgs.com

Government Services is looking for a top-notch web developer to work on
applications for government and commercial clients.  We’ve come a long way
from traditional SOA-based J2EE development to becoming a full-fledged Ruby on
Rails shop.  If you have an interest in working for a small company with
great benefits and the ability to dabble in diverse technologies, this is the
place for you.
is built on the premise that its technical talent is key to providing quality
products rapidly to our customers.  Our vision is to bring in the best of
breed engineers and methodologies into the government space to show them what’s
possible if modern technologies like Rails are used to solve problems that were
traditionally approached with non-innovative tools and ideas.  Our clients
have been blown away by the applications we’re able to build in short amounts
of time and now we’re at a point where we are looking to expand the development
looking for folks who’ve worked with Rails (2.3.x & 3.0.x) for a while and
are comfortable developing against a wide variety of database systems (Oracle,
PostgreSQL, MySQL).  We utilize quite a bit of AJAX and jQuery to provide
flexible and robust user interfaces, so knowledge of those are a definite
plus.  One of the other key technologies we leverage is GIS for
visualization of information for many of our efforts; therefore, if you have
knowledge of Google Earth & Maps, ArcGIS, and/or OpenLayers, you’re skills
will be put to good use.  Recently, we’ve begun focusing our efforts on
packaging our applications for silo’d deployment using jRuby, as well as
Android development, so strength in Java would be nice.  Also, several of
the applications we’re creating are for organizations which require Secret and
Top Secret security clearances, which in the end just helps to make you more
is a high level listing of skills to summarize what was touched on above:
Ruby on Rails
Javascript (jQuery)
Data Architecture
SQL (Oracle & PostgreSQL)
Java (POJO & J2EE)
Web Services (RESTful & SOAP)
you find that the above sounds interesting then please reach out to me using
the information below.  Please include your resume, code samples, Github
account, or anything else that you feel will help us get to know you better.
look forward to hearing from you.
Onyx, 571-340-3900

To apply: Send a resume, code samples, Github account, etc to nate.herring@onyxgs.com

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