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Location: San Francisco, CA


We’re PageLever – the quickly growing, profitable, and amazing analytics platform winning over the hearts of marketers on Facebook worldwide.  Customers like YouTube and MTV ‘like’ what we’re doing.  
We’re looking for developers who are ready to roll with experience in Ruby, willingness to experiment with MongoDB, and love Facebook.  If you stopped being knee deep in IOS code to read this or moonlight as the neighborhood “Photoshop guy”, even better.
Here’s the catch: we want not just one solid developer, but two.  As a pair.  Like in kickball when you two were picked as a “package deal”.
Go call your other half of your pair programmer team and see if they’re interested.  If so, let’s get started with the interview process.
If you can’t talk anyone else into making the jump, you can also interview as a single developer – we won’t hold it against you 🙂
What we value:
Making software that solves actual needs.
Enjoying the team you’re working with.
The option to work when and how you want.
Contributing social goodness through OSS and/or philanthropy.
What we’re offering:
Solid Money.  
Meaningful Equity.
Freedom to Innovate.
Relocation Costs.
Awesome Customers.
What you’ll be working on:
The big kahuna product.  Mobile stuff.  API development for integrations.  Implementing customer feedback.  Quickly expanding databases.  Scaling.  Data gathering algorithms.  
We’re focused on growing PageLever into the next generation of software that shapes how we understand social engagements on the web.  We’re a fresh YCombinator company with the best advisors a team could ever want. Constant ~10% week over week growth, even a month after launch. This isn’t our first company, either – both of the founders have experience in solving customers’ needs and know what it takes to succeed.

To apply: Pair of devs =>
Single dev =>

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