Phase 2 Interactive: Ruby Programmer

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Location: Oklahoma City, OK


Team Player wanted! some responsibilities include:
  • The ability to work well with a team.
  • The ability to work well on your own.
  • Mediocre to accurate aim with a nerf dart.
  • Must be eager and willing to learn new technologies for projects.
  • Open to learning new coding styles, practices and languages.
  • The ability (and duty) to throw the dart back at the person you THINK it came from.
  • Must be able to communicate well with project managers and clients.
  • Mad Hackie Sack skill welcomed but any skill is a bonus.
  • Willingness to admit you are wrong. And headstrong to prove you are right.
  • Must be able to come up with, and successfully execute, practical jokes when the time is right.
  • Must be able to handle pressure well, like tight deadlines, needy clients, or when your desk is wrapped in seran wrap.

As far as technical skills, yes you need them. We need you to:
  • Have an excellent grasp of current development techniques, tools and stacks. Particularly web and mobile stacks; html, css, ruby, objective c, php, C#, MongoDB, HAML, CouchDB, Javascript, Node.js, Backbone, MSSQL, MVC, SVN, Java, Git, Postgres, MySQL, you know the stuff people use to make great web and mobile software today. No, we don’t expect anyone to be an expert in everything, that’s just dumb, but you should be familiar with the modern web and mobile stacks.
  • Believe that you are not your stack. We work with a bunch of different stacks for a variety of reasons. We need you to be great developer and deeply care about what you do.
  • Be a professional. To us that means you want to continue to learn, are self motivated to do so, know what you’re doing, and can jump in and contribute.
  • Be creative. You’re a developer, you create something from nothing, that’s freaking amazing. That’s what we want, really smart creative, amazing people who make elegant software that solves real problems for real people. People you will meet and get to know and who will think you’re amazing because of the amazing things you create.

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