PhishMe, Inc: Mid-to-Senior RoR Developer (x2)

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Location: New York, NY; Chantilly, VA, or telecommute


Did you know that most of the major breaches of organizations start with a spear-phishing attack? PhishMe helps organizations provide a realistic way to simulate real phishing attacks as a means to deliver highly effective and memorable training about phishing.
PhishMe is seeking a motivated individual to join its software development team. While our primary SaaS web application is a Ruby on Rails project, the successful candidate will be well-rounded in various languages with solid, hands-on Rails experience.
Working on a dead-end project under crushing VC debt? Would your stock options be worth more printed on Monopoly paper? We need two full-time developers … bring someone you enjoy working with an you both get sign-on bonuses! This is a great opportunity for the developers with an interest in information security! Being closely tied to Intrepidus Group, you will co-mingle and learn from some of the best minds in the industry.
Skills & Requirements
  • 2 – 5 years of professional development experience with Ruby or Python.
  • Must be fluent in the fundamental components of web application development.
  • Thorough understanding of source control management. You should know how (and when) to make branches, how to merge changes, resolve conflicts, etc.
  • Able to work on a team, independently when necessary, to escalate problems when appropriate, and to thrive in a small business environment.
  • Good oral and written communication skills.
About PhishMe, Inc.
Working for PhishMe is unlike any other company or product you’ve worked on. Our team strongly believes in our idea (even when experts told us it was “crazy and will never work”), we successfully self-bootstrapped a company without having to give any control to a VC company, and in the process created an entirely new market. “Cyber security” is usually coupled with visions of shadowy figures, complex technologies, stress, and worry. PhishMe is a beautifully simple solution; exactly what organizations worried about cyber security need.
PhishMe is looking to hire people that take pride in their work, enjoy working in teams, and think outside the box to deliver innovative solutions for complex problems. We are a small (and profitable) company with aggressive targets and big ambitions.
Compensation and Perks
  • Competitive salary + stock
  • Pick your workstation and OS
  • Retirement plan with 3% company match
  • Health, vision, dental, telecommuting expense reimbursement, etc.
  • Peers that enjoy appropriate use of internet memes e.g. <facepalm> vs. <double facepalm>
  • Enjoy your nights and weekends!

To apply: Please send qualified resumes to: This is a full time position working for PhishMe, Inc. Outsourced or software development contractors should not apply. Include a github link if you have one.

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