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Location: Pittsburgh, PA

URL: pikimal.com

If you’re feeling frustrated with job posts asking for experience in a specific language when you know that you can pick up a new language faster than your laundry, read on.  
We’re building an intentionally small development team to transform how people make decisions online. If you want to do something new and good for the world, work sustainably, and own a project without having to pander to clients or management, we hope you’ll consider joining us as we build something fantastic.
You have to be completely comfortable with:

  • Test-driven development
  • Learning how something really works – and then making it awesome
  • Aggressive re-factoring
  • Pair programming in both roles
Bonus points for:
  • Experience with a testing framework such as rspec, Test::Unit, Selenium or JsUnit
  • SQL and ActiveRecord.  Actually, we’d love someone who is interested in other ways of storing data
  • Contributions to open source projects
  • Familiarity with Git and GitHub
  • Understanding of algorithms, optimization, and efficiency – and a passion for making good decisions
Why join us?
  • You lead your work. You’ve the autonomy to choose your projects, determine the best implementations, and to use your favorite tools
  • Our site frees information to allow people to make better decisions.  We’re pro-freedom
  • Our site is our product. Our site alpha was coded by our founder, and our DNA is laced with a respect for good code – and developing good coders
  • We’re fun. Besides lunch reimbursement, a startup culture, regular paid events, and beer nights, what does that mean? It means your happiness is actually important – not as a means to an end, but as part of a commitment to ethical business which improves the world
  • We’re stable. This isn’t a moon-shot – this is a stable, funded start-up which offers the fun perks of a start-up and the “big company benefits” and stability of ethical business
Sound like something you could do but want to know more about us? We’re a human-friendly funded start-up in the Pittsburgh area looking to change the world. Please reach out if you’ve any questions or to apply – we’re hoping to hear from you!

To apply: http://pikimal.theresumator.com/apply/uJ3zHi/source:37SG

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