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Location: San Francisco


The medical software industry is experiencing a revolution, and pMDsoft is looking for a Senior Software Design Engineer who has the talent and drive to change it forever. You’ll have a huge impact on health care in America by using cutting edge technology to change the way that physicians practice medicine.
A developer’s career at pMDsoft is nothing like the stereotype of a programmer. In addition to brilliant engineering, it involves high-level decision making; interaction with customers who love using our product; involvement in sales, recruiting, and other aspects of the business; and rapid career growth through real mentorship.
It’s like a startup in that you’ll wear many hats, have a lot of responsibility and be part of a small, highly-motivated team. It’s not like a startup in that we make our own business decisions. We have a proven and profitable product, extremely happy customers, and a team of people as talented as you are. We love what we do. We strive to work like a beautifully engineered German car: fast, efficient and fun.
As a Senior Software Design Engineer at pMDsoft, you’re a technical leader in training. You’ve not only demonstrated engineering excellence, you’ve also been informally building management skills since you were in school by balancing multiple high-priority projects simultaneously. Your past accomplishments suggest that as the company continues to grow, you’re ready to start mentoring others and eventually build and lead a team of developers.
Your programming work will focus on extending our Java/JSP Web application, with an emphasis on open source technologies like Linux, Apache, Tomcat, Struts, AJAX/Web Services, and MySQL. You’ll have opportunities to work on sophisticated native apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and possibly others.
  • bring at least three years of focused, impactful experience as a Web and/or mobile developer… plus a lifetime of curiosity
  • have intelligence, energy and integrity
  • want to grow your career quickly and start learning management skills
  • lead multiple high-priority projects simultaneously
  • design applications that are intuitive and fun to use
  • communicate fluidly in a team environment
  • find elegant solutions to complex business issues that don’t always involve writing code
  • aren’t agoraphobic – travel is fun!
  • never set foot in a cubicle farm
  • like to play with sleek machines named after fruits and robots
  • inhabit a historical building in beautiful San Francisco
  • love our work
  • prefer Mac and Linux to… other operating systems
  • prefer to work in person with a small, fast-paced team
  • always search for the next hot thing
  • stock beer, tea, and snacks in the office
At pMDsoft you can grow as quickly as you want to. Where else would you have a chance to program a thrilling new feature in the morning, meet with clients for lunch, run an impromptu design meeting in the afternoon, and drink home-brewed beers with the team after work? Plus, you’ll be able to see the impact of your work immediately and you’ll hear from our users how your efforts have improved their lives.
If you are interested in a career with pMDsoft, please e-mail your resume and salary requirements to

To apply: Please send a cover letter and resume to

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