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Location: New York, NY

URL: http://quirky.com

Quirky is a social product development™ company that brings consumer product ideas from sketch to store every week and rewards the thousands of contributors to these products with a share of the revenue generated by their sale.  We are seeking to hire an exceptional Ruby on Rails web developer to join us and help us change the product development industry.
As a rails web developer at Quirky, you will be responsible for contributing to all aspects of building and maintaining the Quirky Technology Platform as we scale the business out to meet increased product demand and greater product development participation.  This will include:
* end-to-end web application development (database, business logic, front-end) for new site features
* backend system development (shopping cart, order fulfillment, etc)
* financial reporting
* customer service tools
* operational support
At minimum, you will have at least a few years of professional experience with the following technologies and software.  These are the tools that we work with everyday and that we expect you to hit the ground running with.  The quantity of your experience is not nearly as important as the quality of it.
* Ruby on Rails
* HTML/CSS/Javascript (jQuery)
* Git
* Lighthouse
* Basecamp
* Agile, Iterative Development
Additionally, as your code will be deployed in a high-volume e-commerce production environment, performance tuning and testing will be critical to success.
Building a global product development company is no small task and we are seeking individuals excited by the challenge and who have experience with the following areas of our business.  The more you can bring to the table, the more we will have to talk about.
* Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, RDS)
* Deployment Management (Heroku)
* Payment Processing (ActiveMerchant)
* E-Commerce/Shopping Carts
* Warehousing and Shipping
* Accounting (NetSuite Integration)
* Social Media Integration (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
* Crowdsourcing
* RESTful web service API development and documentation
* Database Schema Design and Indexing
* Data Warehousing
* Startup Experience
Ideally, you will have experience working on one or more highly-trafficked websites.  Attention to detail and dedication to quality are non-negotiable.
Please send your resume and cover letter to techjobs at quirky dot com.

To apply: Send a resume and quirky cover letter to techjobs@quirky.com

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