Ravelry.com: Knitter or Crocheter (and Web Developer)

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Location: Boston, MA or Anywhere

URL: http://www.ravelry.com

Ravelry.com is searching for a Web Application Developer
We’re looking to hire a 2nd developer who will work on all aspects of Ravelry.
We’re open to all levels of experience – the right person might be fresh out of college or they might be a seasoned veteran.
This is a full time remote position. We’re a 4 person company that is spread out across 3 states. If you’re convenient to the North Shore of Boston, I’d love to regularly meet up in a cafe so that we can hack and bounce ideas off one another.
  • You *must* be a knitter or crocheter
  • You should be very strong in at least one programming language
  • You should have a solid understanding of web technology
Nice to have
  • Ruby on Rails experience
  • Skilled with modular CSS and modern JavaScript
  • MySQL experience
  • Linux sysadmin experience
What would a typical day be like?
(This is written with experienced developers in mind. A more junior person’s day might include discussions with me about implementation details, hashing out a UI together, a teaching session explaining the whys of part of Ravelry’s architecture, things like that…)
I offered to take a project that needs to get done this week so you’re free to work on what you think is best. You look over ever-growing list of ideas that we’d like to complete – these are things that came from the 5 of us and from Ravelry users. You decide to work on a new idea that you recently suggested – it’s an overhaul for a set of features that have potential to be very cool but are currently clunky and confusing. When you’re done, Ravelers are going to be excited and you’ll have cleared the way for several other cool improvements that we want to make. You’re hoping to get the main screen functional and ready to show to the rest of us in a few days.
You take break to chat with me in Campfire and help me with my own work: a problem that I’m currently solving or a user interface design that I’m trying to work out.
If you have some time where your head isn’t totally in your code, you might fix a bug, talk to Mary-Heather about something totally different (like database queries for advertising or ways to cook pork) in our team chat, or take a half hour to hang out with Ravelers in the “For the Love of Ravelry” forum and listen to their their bug reports, ideas, and wishes.
If it’s Friday, you might take some time off from your regular work and hack up a prototype of a crazy (Ravelry-related) idea that you had.
Why work at Ravelry?
Do what you love. You love knitting or crocheting. You use Ravelry and you want to make it even better.
Work on interesting problems and keep on learning. You’ll be half of a 2 person development team for a busy site with 2,000,000+ registered users and 180 million monthly pageviews. There are tons of opportunities for us to do cool things that make Ravelry more useful and more fun. I’m always learning and always having a good time and I think that you will too.
Make people happy. Every decision we make is an answer to the question “what is best for the community?” Your job will be to make Ravelers feel happy. Working to build things that our members want is fun, rewarding, and motivating.
Make an impact. Your ideas and talents will make our tiny company even better. With you on the team, we’ll be able to work harder to be a positive force in the yarn world.
Want more information on Ravelry’s technology stack? 
Check out these two blog posts: http://codemonkey.ravelry.com/2011/02/12/ravelry-in-bullet-points and http://codemonkey.ravelry.com/2010/03/24/ravelry-runs-on-2010. They are little dated but they’ll give you an idea.
You are welcome to email or ask me on Twitter (I’m @caseyf)

To apply: See http://www.ravelry.com/jobs.

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