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Location: Upstate New York, remote OK


readMedia is looking for a talented RoR developer–not a brogrammer–to add to our growing team. We are a product company; we are not a consultancy. This means that you will be able to focus your efforts to help grow and evolve a code base over time.  Also, our product is real (1000s of users, 100s of paying customers), large (100s of models, GBs of data), distributed and runs on the AWS platform. If this intimidates you, please move along, there are plenty of other gigs listed here.  However, if this excites or intrigues you, then we want to hear from you!
Specifically, we’re looking for:
• Real world experience developing, deploying and scaling RoR applications.
• A strong understanding of Object Oriented Programming and design.
• A strong understanding of database design.
• Proficiency in Ruby, RoR, SQL, HTML/CSS/Javascript, *NIX platforms.
• Someone who tests the code they commit.
• A team player with strong communication skills.
Bonus points for:
• Front-end development expertise.
• Distributed systems experience. 
• B.S. degree in Computer Science (or equivalent).
We subscribe to the Joel Spolsky criteria for all of our employees: people who are:
• Smart, and…
• Get things done.
This is a full-time, salaried position. We won’t change our minds about that, so please don’t apply if you’re a contractor or freelancer looking for a gig. You wouldn’t believe how many people attempt to do freelance business development via resume submission. We’re going to invest a lot of time getting to know if we’re right for each other so let’s start on the right foot.
Why work for readMedia?
readMedia gives you the chance to make a very big difference in a short time while doing really innovative work in our industry. We offer competitive pay, a workplace that encourages you to have a life of your own, and people who appreciate what you can do. readMedia values quality of life and behaves accordingly. We’re not a sweatshop and there’s very little ego here; the asshole quotient is extremely low. 
We value people who contribute thoughtfully and well to our efforts and share our commitment to excellence and dedication to our customers. Your career here will only be limited by your desire and ability to contribute to our overall success. 
We think it’s false and condescending to have “wacky” startup offices but that quiet, comfortable and premium amenities make sense, like free espresso and a few beers on Fridays. You will of course also get health and dental (we pay the premiums), paid holidays, a Simple IRA with a matching plan, paid parking, and the chance to work with talented colleagues.

To apply: Does this sound great to you? If so, please submit your resume and cover letter (our CEO loves cover letters) to

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