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Location: Laguna Hills, CA


What’s It All About
When you browse the web, you can’t help but redesign every site you see. You’re always tweaking and improving the designs you work on to create better user experiences or try out new design elements you’ve heard about or seen in practice. You have an innate ability to design interesting user interfaces that users are able to latch onto and understand. You have a complete understanding of the latest design trends and think “Web 2.0? is nothing more than a press buzzword and the future hasn’t been written yet for what the web is able to deliver.
A Typical Day
As part of the next milestone, you’ve been tasked with creating a web interface to allow armies to manage their teams online and in-game through the same tool. You sit down with a web developer, a front-end developer and a game designer to discuss the details. After sketching out a basic wireframe, you gather feedback and start working on a prototype in Photoshop. Meanwhile, the front-end developer needs some new user interface for the beta feedback form that’s going out this afternoon. You mock up some new UI elements for him to use.
Who You Work With the Most
You spend most of your time working with the web team and the community team to come up with additional website features and create unique experiences for the game community. You also spend time working with the designers and UI programmers to provide in-game features that are loaded from the web, making sure that the game is fully connected to the dynamic world.
What You’ve Done Before
  • Online portfolio of advanced web and user interface designs.
  • Advanced knowledge of digital imaging and illustration with Adobe Photoshop or equivalent.
  • Some experience with translating designs to HTML and understanding of web limitations and advances in new technologies.
  • Good understanding of web performance requirements.
  • Superior knowledge of current web-design trends and techniques.
  • Understanding of dynamic content design principles.
  • Passion for games.

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