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Location: Laguna Hills, CA


What’s It All About
Creating dynamic web applications using tools like AJAX, Javascript,
and Web Standards is something you’re willing to do for fun, but it’s
even better when you can get someone to pay you. You love Web 2.0
applications and have a million ideas on how to create dynamic websites
for MMOs. The best part of web development is the rapid turnaround: you
can get new features deployed quickly and see how people like it within
hours. You keep this fact in mind as you develop tools for our game
designers, allowing them to decipher what’s happening in the game, and
for the rest of the team by providing them access to the collected data
and a means to sort it into useful categories.
A Typical Day
The designers are always trying to keep abreast of balance issues
among the character classes, so you’ve developed a web-based design tool
that helps them view the death rates among the classes. You modify the
UI you created originally to compare level progression speed between
different classes and races, so the designers should be able to easily
draw the information the need from the database. If you can sync up the
player-driven economy database, you’ll have a fully integrated database
anyone at the company can use. It’s a challenge, but that’s why you come to work every day.
The database and server logs you check every afternoon seem to be
running smoothly. You run a few tests and spot checks to confirm your
program results are accurate, and meet with the senior cluster engineer
to make sure his newest database elements are fully integrated with the
web-based UI. If you incorporate the latest round of interface and bug
feedback from the designers and other tool users on the team you’ll have
had a pretty full and productive day.
Who You Work With the Most
Since you’re developing web-based tools, you need to work closely
with the lead web designer. The director of technology and the
clustering database engineer need to know what you’re doing, too, as
once they’ve developed new technology it’s up to you to improve upon it
and investigate new potential uses for the engine. You’re always
working to improve the UI and display for the database, so you have to
communicate regularly with other team members and get their feedback. It
isn’t up to them to learn
your way of accessing the database; it’s up to you to develop tools that help them get the information they need.
What You’ve Done Before
  • 3+ years developing database driven web applications
  • 3+ years developing in Linux/Apache environments
  • 1+ years in CSS driven, hand-coded HTML
  • Keen interest in developing Web 2.0 applications
  • Familiarity with AJAX, Javascript and XML
  • Interest in Ruby
  • Passion for games and MMOs

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