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Location: Sydney, Australia


We’re looking for someone to join our team of Rails developers, and working alongside front end developers, designers, producers and content people. You’ll be making things for the web and iphone. You’ll be working on a variety of different projects – at any one time we usually have a few projects on the go.
An added bonus would be if you had good Javascript and CSS, although not critical.
The company
We’re a digital agency that specialise in Rails projects. There are 20 Ants, consisting of developers, front enders, designers, producers and content people. We’ve been around for a while (13 years now) and have a great group of customers. Many of our clients are large consumer brands, so we’ve got quite a bit of experience at making sites that work well and are easy to use. Some of these generate quite a bit of traffic, so we’ve also got good experience in designing & building for high user load (our top score so far is 4M uniques a day).
You can get a better idea of the stuff we do by having a poke around our portfolio page –
Surry Hills, just off Oxford St. We’re close to trains, and we’re right opposite a lovelly park if you’re up for nude frisbee of a lunchtime. Or not.
Is this remote or on site?
On site – although many of us work from home now and then. But say you lived in a submarine off Brazil, this would be a very unsuitable position. However, if you don’t live in a submarine but do live in a country outside Australia, and were on the off chance harbouring a strong desire to drastically improve your lifestyle and wanted to live and work in Sydney, then we will happily look after a 457 visa if that is something you’ll need.
How much does it pay
Quite well. But this really depends on your experience.
The level of the job
We’re not really split up into levels – although if you want your title to be Grand Poobah of RSpec we can accomodate that. All of our team are fairly experienced.
Length and type of contract
This is a full time position. We’ve been around for 13 years, and expect to be going for a while longer. We’re looking for someone that can join our team and is looking for a secure, long term gig.

To apply: If you’re interested in this position, please don’t send in a Word doc CV. Just shoot an email to Ben (ben at with an outline of the kind of your experience and some links to stuff that you’ve worked on.
And please – no recruiters!

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