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Location: Philadelphia, PA


Want to deliver web applications for some of the world’s largest brands in
an extremely fast?paced environment? Want to make an impact on the
world immediately without having to worry about funding or lining up the
next contract? Want your work to be used by hundreds of thousands of
people coast-to-­coast? You don’t have to move to Silicon Valley. At Red
Tettemer + Partners, you can have nationwide impact at a fast-­growing,
world-­class creative agency from the first day you start work in a flat-structured, team-­oriented environment. Check your ego on the way in: here, it’s
all for one and one for all. The entire team, not the individual, gets the
credit for work.
All positions are part?time or full?time in our downtown Philadelphia office.
Web Developer
We’re looking for do-­everything web developers with a passion for speed,
efficiency, and transparency. As a web developer, you’ll spend most of your
time wrangling CMSes or web frameworks into applications for our clients
on short deadlines, but constantly developing these codebases into better
internal tools optimized for fast iteration. You’ll work closely with a UI
developer that helps you out on the front­?end so you can get to what you
love best: the code. We’d love if you described yourself with phrases like:
  • Sees code as a means to execute an idea, not just to solve abstract computational problems
  • Skilled in PHP5 development, including Drupal, Symfony and
  • Familiar with and able to execute Ruby on Rails projects
  • Familiar with JavaScript, not just JavaScript frameworks (although we predominantly use jQuery)
  • Experience with RDBMS  (MySQL, PostgreSQL) as well as
    NoSQL solutions such as Redis or MongoDB

  • Worked on some mobile stuff for iPhone or Android
  • Able to see the big picture but develop quickly in the trenches on 2-­3 person teams
  • A fan of Mac OS X
  • A solid, transparent communicator willing to work in a team
    environment with front-­end designer/developers as well as
    supporting (non-­technical) staff or interns
Big pluses if you: 
  • Know a thing or two about web application scaling and/or security

  • Are awesome with ActionScript or Objective-­C
  • Know Facebook’s Graph API

To apply: A portfolio of previous work (code samples and visual samples) is required for consideration. Expect a stringent interview process. Email what you’ve got to

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