Reenhanced LLC: Rails developer who appreciates work-life balance

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Location: Quakertown, PA (or anywhere)


Tired of fixing the same bugs again and again while the customer grows more and more frustrated? Sick of unrealistic deadlines and increasing pressure to hack together broken code?
We’re reenhanced (, and we build software that just works. 
We’re a small team in Quakertown, PA with clients around the world. We work on small and large rails applications while following a process that ensures we build high-quality software. Everything we write is test-backed and peer-reviewed which helps all of us become better programmers, and gives us a great piece of mind that we can deliver code without endless regressions.
We’re looking to add another member to our team who appreciates the fine art of getting things done correctly. You’ll be a part of a strong team with a focus on emerging technologies. We encourage our developers to bring new ideas to the development process and find innovative solutions to the problems we solve every day.
What’s great about working with us:
• You’re involved in decisions. We operate as a team and you have the opportunity to play a large part in shaping the future of where we go. Have some really clever ideas that you think might make things better? We welcome the opportunity to improve and will appreciate your input.
• You’re part of a strong team. We’ve rubbed shoulders with some of the best in our industry and proudly held our own. We’re on the leading edge of Rails development and continue to seek new territory to become even better. We work together to solve issues and we try our hardest not to let you sit on a problem by yourself.
• We’re planning for the long term. We aren’t looking to get rich quick and flip the company for a billion dollars to Facebook. We’re aiming to build a stable company that will last for decades.
• We don’t make promises we can’t keep.
• We pair program to solve difficult problems together.
• We love exploring new tools when it fits the job at hand. Backbone.js, No SQL databases, etc.
Other great things about us:
• Daily Foosball tournaments at lunch
• Fully stocked snack room with snacks of your choice
• Sustainable, flexible schedule
What we’re looking for:
• You understand the value and purpose of automated tests
• You’re a generalist. While Rails is your area of expertise, you can also setup a bare linux server or debug slow applications. You have a good understanding of a lot of different systems.
• You know when to ask for help. Instead of struggling on your own to design something, you know when to ask for help to benefit from the value of a strong team.
• You’re open to new tools and techniques.
• You have a real interest in tech. While we end our day at 5, it’s a plus if you keep yourself updated on current trends and changing topics in our industry.
Technical Stuff:
• Ruby on Rails 3.2
• git
• Rspec/cucumber
• MongoDB, CouchDB, etc

To apply: Send a resume to Position is full time hourly with a transition to salary. You’ll have to pass a coding test.

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