Scripps Networks Interactive: Technical Lead (senior)

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Location: NYC

Networks Interactive is looking for an extremely talented Senior Technical lead
to shape and create the technical arm in a new digital initiative.
We need
someone with superstar-quality skills who will help us determine the technical
strategy for this new business but also shape and grow the technical team to develop
a strong, driven team who will deliver a product of exceptional quality.
Within the realms (and funding) of Scripps,
we are operating as a startup — so we’re looking for the kind of person who is
capable and passionate about taking on a wide variety of challenges.  
This opportunity allows you to come in on
the ground floor and have a huge impact.
Do you think about writing beautiful code
while eating breakfast?
Do you want to build applications you are proud
of and want to tell your friends about?
Do you get excited scaling applications to
millions of users?
Do you appreciate elegant solutions but
also know when to build simple first and iterate?
Do you want to deploy software multiple
times a day? (continuous deployment FTW)
Do you thrive off being independent and self-motivated?
Are you hungry? (no, not for pizza, but to
build awesome products)
Do you have a passion for building elegant
web experiences?
Do you get frustrated when websites are
slow and love tweaking client-side performance?
Do you love Ruby, but also believe there is
a right tool for any task?
Can you manipulate Rails/PHP / HTML/CSS/JS
to do exactly what you want?
 Great, great knowledge of Ruby
All the usual stuff (health/dental/401k/etc)
so you don’t have to worry about self or family.
A kitchen full of sodas and snacks.
We’re located in the heart of downtown NYC

To apply: Please send resume and introduction to:

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