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Location: Seattle, WA


SEOmoz is seeking exceptional developers to join our Seattle team!  Refer an engineer to us and get a $12,000 referral bonus upon successful hire, or apply yourself and get a $12,000 signing bonus upon hiring.  We are also offering a generous relocation package.  For more details, google “refer an engineer” and check out the top-ranked result.
About our open positions:
We have two open positions—one that is more front end and UI focused, and one that is backend/server side focused.  Of course if you don’t have a preference, we are happy to invest in you to get you up to speed in the position you find most compelling.
  • Analyze, innovate, architect, design and develop software for frameworks, core technology components and end user applications
  • Work with key stakeholders to understand business requirements and translate them into a technical design document, and subsequently, actual products
  • Write code and unit tests to deliver high quality products and technologies
  • Maintain project timelines and meet all project deadlines
  • Tackle unfamiliar problems and take the time to discover “best practice” solutions
  • Work with QA to ensure highest quality for software deliverables; review and contribute to integration and regression test plans
  • Contribute creative and innovative ideas to the business, including contributions on patents and IP as appropriate
  • 2-7 years of recent experience in hands-on software design and coding
  • BS/BA/MS/PhD in Computer Science (or a great reason for not having one, and believe us, there are plenty)
  • Excellent problem solving, creative thinking and self-motivation skills
  • Analytical and detail oriented
  • Able to prioritize, execute and deliver projects on time
  • Solid OOP and software design ability; should be able to create designs and write code that meets specified architectural objectives, including reusable, extensible solutions
  • Strong design and coding experience in backend development, web UI development or both
  • Knowledge of C++, C#, Java or other object oriented language is essential
  • Willing to learn new technologies and work in whatever language is needed (we have tools in C, Ruby, PHP, perl, and more)
  • Experience with scripting languages such as Ruby, PHP, Javascript, Perl, and Linux/Unix Shell scripting
  • Add energy to already energetic core team
  • Able to clean up after yourself and refill the coffee if you take the last cup
  • U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status required
About the company
SEOmoz is a small (just 30 of us today) but rapidly-growing, profitable technology startup.  That said, we dream big–we aim to provide companies with the best, most advanced ways to measure and improve their organic web marketing (i.e. any traffic source you don’t pay for – SEO, social, blogs, viral videos, etc.).
We’ve got the reputation of a big player with the energy of a young, nimble organization.  This allows us to do very exciting things when we smell opportunity.  We pride ourselves on developing kick-ass (and good-looking) software, indexing the web, providing a robust API that serves hundreds of millions of queries each day, and hosting the web’s most vibrant web marketing community.
In our downtown Seattle offices, mere steps from Pike Place Market, we maintain a fun, supportive, laid-back work environment.  We pay well (salaries are on par with the big guys – Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Sauron) and we work hard (sometimes long hours are a must, but we pride ourselves on working smart, not 80-hour nightmare weeks).  We’re also very generous with vacation and flex time because we understand that our employees have lives, interests, and obligations outside of the office.
Our core values include being transparent (you’ll get every key metric about the business each week), having fun (pie-eating contests – check! Team bowling trips – check! Friday afternoon Kinect dance parties – check!) and creating exceptional products our customers love. We strongly encourage you to read more about the company – our core values, our history and what we do.  
How to Apply or Make a Referral
Now that you know who we are and what we do, you totally want to refer your friends or apply yourself, right?  Awesome!  
To refer great engineers you know, go here :
Good luck!

To apply:

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