Service Net Warranty: User Interface Developer

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Location: Louisville, KY


Service Net is looking for someone who creates websites. At other places, this job may be referred to as a web designer, front-end engineer, UI developer or one of a hundred other names.
 We’re not focused on a traditional job description, we’re simply looking for someone who can deliver a great web experience for users.
Service Net is a $100 million per year company and a leader in our industry (warranty administration). We’re embarking on an exciting new project that will combine customer relationship management, e-commerce and a self-service portal in a website that will be the future of our business. Our industry may not be as exciting as some others, but we are looking to deliver an unparalleled user experience, and we need your help to reach our goal. We hope you’ll be up to the challenge of conceptualizing and implementing such an ambitious project.
Here are some of the skills we’re looking for:
· The ability to create a product identity
· The ability to create a pleasing look and feel for a website
· The ability to think as a user and develop a fantastic user interface
· The ability to take others ideas and convert them into website features and an interface
· The ability to translate a design to standards-based HTML/CSS
· The ability to create an interactive website (DOM manipulation/JavaScript)
· The ability to research and integrate new technologies, while supporting older browsers
· The ability to work with a template engine (basic constructs like for loops and if-else logic)
We understand that there are lots of tools that designers use. We’re less concerned with whether you do your mockups in Photoshop or HTML and more concerned with what you can deliver. It’s absolutely essential that the person we hire be able to drive from conception to implementation.
Service Net is looking for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit who’s looking to drive real change and create a quality product.
If that’s you, we hope to hear from you. We look forward to changing our industry together.

To apply: To help us evaluate your skills, we’d like to see samples of your work and a design proposal based on an existing product.
Pick a page of an online service (e.g. the AT&T self-service screen) and give us a couple of design ideas. Tell us what you’d c

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