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Location: NYC


SocialFlow provides actionable insight for social data. We understand the value of topics at play on any social graph, and how to maximize that value in real-time. 
We’re seeking someone who likes to create software products and interfaces, link APIs and derive useful applications for data and products that people use and live with every day. We need the kind of person who lives, breathes and hunts down software design and implementation opportunities. An eye to balance the practical with the progressive application of large data sets and massive streams is crucial, as is the work ethic to take several disparate ideas, whittle down to the best one (or two), and drive each home to completion.
The right candidate will be working on one to two critical projects at a time, integrating existing data, and building upon our consistently evolving research to offer exclusive insights and actionable intelligence around vast amounts of social and transactional data. You must be comfortable with writing scalable code that is novel, and solving problems that if they are not new in theory, are new in the application of that theory for commercial software.  
This position is on-site in NYC. We’re willing to relocate the right candidate. The position reports to the company’s Principle Architect. 
The compensation for the perfect candidate is somewhere between “WOW” and “OMG WTF Sign Me Up”.  If you’re even thinking about leaving your current job – you should talk to us. Forward this posting to all your friends that deserve a jailbreak from a job that isn’t nearly as fun and doesn’t pay nearly as well as this one. 
Required Skills are: 
  • Mutiple data storage methods expertise (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, memcached wrappers, Mongo)
  • Multiple scripting languages (Perl, Python, Ruby : at least two) with MVC frameworks
  • Familiarity with Message Queues, Automating tasks on distributed systems
  • Ability to predict computational and I/O costs for a given task
  • Previous work with APIs to build dynamic products
  • Data Model through Controller-level Expertise
  • System architecture, some prior experience
  • You can not be frightened by git as a version control tool
Desired Skills and Attributes:
  • Ability to speak on product design principles (why did we do that?, etc)
  • Networking and routing (we move around massive amounts of data)
  • Some C would be helpful, but used rarely
  • CSS and Javascript (jquery) experience
What you need to make it here:
  • The work ethic of Jay-Z, Oprah Winfrey, Thomas Edison or Pete Rose
  • A great sense of humor
  • The instinct to go out and get it

To apply: Please send a resume and a brief summary of why you are a fit for this job to:

Submissions without a written explanation of why you would be a fit will not be considered.

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