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Location: San Francisco, CA; St. Louis, MO

URL: https://squareup.com/jobs

Software Engineer – Web & Infrastructure
San Francisco, CA; St. Louis, MO
At Square, we design code to enable anyone to accept payments
just about everywhere [1]. Square is used by lots of charities
[2], great bands [3], and tasty food carts [4].
We’re looking for a driven, creative engineer to help us redefine payments—a social experience that people share every day.
Square’s Web & Infrastructure Engineers:
  • Continuously integrate code and deploy it multiple times per day.
  • Craft well-tested, pragmatic solutions.
  • Use Rails, Redis, RSpec, Git, or whatever it takes.
  • Care deeply about security and code quality.
  • Pair-program to share knowledge, be more precise, and have more fun.
  • Are comfortable anywhere in the stack, from HTML to SQL.
  • Enjoy working closely with Android and iOS developers to create a well-integrated mobile experience.
  • Enjoy speaking and writing about their work.
Bonus points for experience with:
  • Open Source [5], Java, Tufte, Objective-C, jQuery,
    rubygems.org/gems/rials [6], DSP, cohort analysis, Firebug, automorphic
We hope we’ve caught your attention. To catch ours, use Ruby and Rspec to make the following tests pass as intended:
  describe Payment, “#fee_amount” do
    it “returns 2.9% of $10 + $0.15 ($0.44)” do
      payment = Payment.new(10.00)
      payment.fee_amount.should == 0.44
    it “returns 2.9% of $25 + $0.15 ($1.37)” do
      payment = Payment.new(42.00)
      payment.fee_amount.should == 1.37
Attach the solution to your resume. 

To apply: https://squareup.com/jobs and click on the right location!

Please enclose your resume. Links to your Github and portfolio sites or work is much appreciated!

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