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Hey there,
I’m looking for a full time Ruby enthusiast and master LAMP developer (experience in all aspects of web application development, both front end and back end).  We are looking for someone to help us develop reliable and fast code for our high traffic websites.
Below are the 5 characteristics I am looking for in our next developer.  I like to start off this way because this is really about finding the right fit, and I think an open and honest approach is the best, so we don’t waste each other’s time.  If this sounds like you below, then I think we might be a great fit for each other:
1.  Ruby enthusiast, but must be very good with LAMP.
2.  Good programming fundamentals – can operate in outsourcing way (open from contributions to others, good communication), writes tests.
3.  Deep knowledge of scaleability around high traffic sites, dealing with media (movies, pictures, etc).
4.  Comfortable working with adult content.
5.  Can handle working remotely.  Must be full time.
(Details on #1) We are a team of Ruby enthusiasts, but LAMP is very prevalent in our work because of all the various companies we use throughout the course of our business (billing companies, content companies, various 3rd party technologies we don’t custom build ourself, etc).
(Details on #2) Any programmer can write code, I am look for someone who can write the correct code for each situation.  I’d prefer if you were involved in the developer community to some capacity.  Our programming team is designed to be open source (open to contributions from others within our team).
Our main programming methodologies are Agile and TDD/BDD.  Writing tests & testing coverage is super important to us.  For frameworks, we  like to use Agile for programming/management and Capistrano for deployment.  Really though, the frameworks we choose to use are the ones that are the best situation to situation.
(Details on #3) Our sites are built to handle a lot of traffic.  Whether it is paying consumers or free products built off of advertising, we serve a lot of content to a lot of users.  It is very important not only to have excellent code that minimizes hardware resources and is scaleable, it is also really important to us to stay on top of the growing trends with respect to caching, CDN, and cloud storage.  We are actually in the process of moving to the cloud, and just went through a battery of tests to see what CDN is the right set up for us.  Experience in encoding and handling content is a plus.
(Details on #4) We are an adult entertainment company.  You should view our content as nothing more than a product that tens of millions of consumers seek out daily.  If you can take that approach, then you will fit right into our family. 
(Details on #5)  This is a full-time job, for those who want to work remotely.  Our headquarters are in Los Angeles, so if you are local, you are more than welcome to work out of our office.  Otherwise, I don’t care where you live in the world.  We have people right now spread out across the US, Europe, and Australia.  Working remote isn’t for everyone. It requires a certain kind of person that has the self discipline to get up in the morning and attack a to do list without anyone hawking over you 🙂  We do pay for virtual office space if you’d like to get a desk/room at a community/shared office.  If you’ve never worked remote before, and you know things tend to pile up in your personal life, then this probably isn’t for you.  **ALSO, WE WILL NOT CONSIDER ANY OUTSOURCING COMPANIES, OR HOURLY WORK.  THIS IS FULL TIME. (sorry for the caps)**
Other fun things about my company and myself:  My name is Adam.  I started the company 5 years ago, but I am not a developer myself.  I do, however, have a great team of guys around me (3 developers currently, you will be #4).  I will be attending the Rails conference next month in Baltimore with part of my team (if you want to meet up in person, drop me a line – I think meeting face to face is a great way to kick any relationship off).  I started this company because I was an affiliate while attending college for the marketplace, doing well, and around graduation I hated the thought of going to work for corporate america and dealing with all of the bureaucracy.  We are very much entrepreneurial in nature, as a whole team.  I hope that gives you some insight about who we are.
Job Benefits: Competitive salary, 3 weeks paid vacation, paid virtual office (should you choose to want one), end of year bonus in line with performance.

To apply: Please send us a link to your github or online code repository where we can see and evaluate your work (email to  I understand for some of you this may take time to put together.

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