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Location: The Hague, Netherlands


Streamtech is a young, dynamic custom software development company based in The Hague, the Netherlands. We are looking for usability-loving programmers.
the job
You’ll be working on the development of custom (web) applications for our clients – in streaming video, lawful interception, narrowcasting, to name a few topics – from our office in The Hague.
Together with the rest of the team, you’ll make applications that are technically elegant and pleasant to work with, using whatever language and technologies suit the project best.
You will be involved in projects from A to Z – including finding out what exactly the customer needs, choosing the best approach for the job, and then developing it.
who we’re looking for
Programming to you is not just a job but a hobby. 
You’ve been programming for fun for years.
You get annoyed with software that requires you to adapt to it instead of the other way around. When you see well-crafted software that’s a joy to use, it makes you feel warm and fuzzy.
You care deeply about standards. 
You are well acquainted with the internet.
You’re not blind to practical demands, but you relish doing things the right way. When something seems to work but you’re not sure how or why, you bang your head against it until you understand.
what we use
We work with a variety of languages (Python, Lisp, PHP, Java and C, among others): whatever we think is best suited for the job. We don’t expect you to have experience with all the languages we use, but we do expect you to be able to learn new things and enjoy doing it.
what we offer
A challenging, fun job in a small but professional team.

To apply: Please send your resume to Include at least one piece of code you wrote somewhat recently (in any language) and if possible, an example of your usability skills.

If you don’t have any available code samples, consider solving one or mo

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